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Terraria.GameContent.Tile_Entities.TETeleportationPylon Class Reference

Inherits Terraria.DataStructures.TileEntity, and Terraria.ModLoader.IPylonTileEntity.

Public Member Functions

override TileEntity GenerateInstance ()
override bool IsTileValidForEntity (int x, int y)
override void NetPlaceEntityAttempt (int x, int y)
override void RegisterTileEntityID (int assignedID)
override string ToString ()
bool TryGetPylonType (out TeleportPylonType pylonType)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Terraria.DataStructures.TileEntity
virtual TileEntity GenerateInstance ()
virtual string GetItemGamepadInstructions (int slot=0)
virtual bool IsTileValidForEntity (int x, int y)
virtual void LoadData (TagCompound tag)
 Allows you to load custom data that you have saved for this tile entity.
Try to write defensive loading code that won't crash if something's missing. More...
virtual void NetPlaceEntityAttempt (int x, int y)
virtual void NetReceive (BinaryReader reader)
 Receives custom data sent in the NetSend hook.
Called while receiving tile data (!lightReceive) and when MessageID.TileEntitySharing is received (lightReceive).
Only called on the client. More...
virtual void NetSend (BinaryWriter writer)
 Allows you to send custom data for this tile entity between client and server, which will be handled in NetReceive.
Called while sending tile data (!lightSend) and when MessageID.TileEntitySharing is sent (lightSend).
Only called on the server. More...
virtual void OnInventoryDraw (Player player, SpriteBatch spriteBatch)
virtual void OnPlayerUpdate (Player player)
virtual bool OverrideItemSlotHover (Item[] inv, int context=0, int slot=0)
virtual bool OverrideItemSlotLeftClick (Item[] inv, int context=0, int slot=0)
virtual void ReadExtraData (BinaryReader reader, bool networkSend)
virtual void RegisterTileEntityID (int assignedID)
virtual void SaveData (TagCompound tag)
 Allows you to save custom data for this tile entity.

NOTE: The provided tag is always empty by default, and is provided as an argument only for the sake of convenience and optimization.
NOTE: Try to only save data that isn't default values. More...
virtual bool TryGetItemGamepadOverrideInstructions (Item[] inv, int context, int slot, out string instruction)
virtual void Update ()
virtual void WriteExtraData (BinaryWriter writer, bool networkSend)

Static Public Member Functions

static int Find (int x, int y)
static void Framing_CheckTile (int callX, int callY)
static int GetPylonItemTypeFromTileStyle (int style)
static int GetPylonStyleFromTile (Tile tile)
static void Kill (int x, int y)
static int Place (int x, int y)
static int PlacementPreviewHook_AfterPlacement (int x, int y, int type=597, int style=0, int direction=1, int alternate=0)
static int PlacementPreviewHook_CheckIfCanPlace (int x, int y, int type=597, int style=0, int direction=1, int alternate=0)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Terraria.DataStructures.TileEntity
static int AssignNewID ()
static void BasicOpenCloseInteraction (Player player, int x, int y, int id)
static void Clear ()
static void InitializeAll ()
static bool IsOccupied (int id, out int interactingPlayer)
static void PlaceEntityNet (int x, int y, int type)
static TileEntity Read (BinaryReader reader, bool networkSend=false, bool lightSend=false)
static void SetInteractionAnchor (Player player, int x, int y, int id)
static void UpdateEnd ()
static void UpdateStart ()
static void Write (BinaryWriter writer, TileEntity ent, bool networkSend=false, bool lightSend=false)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Terraria.DataStructures.TileEntity
int ID
Point16 Position
byte type
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Terraria.DataStructures.TileEntity
static Dictionary< int, TileEntityByID = new Dictionary<int, TileEntity>()
static Dictionary< Point16, TileEntityByPosition = new Dictionary<Point16, TileEntity>()
static object EntityCreationLock = new object()
static TileEntitiesManager manager
const int MaxEntitiesPerChunk = 1000
static int TileEntitiesNextID
- Events inherited from Terraria.DataStructures.TileEntity
static Action _UpdateEnd
static Action _UpdateStart

Member Function Documentation

◆ GenerateInstance()

override TileEntity Terraria.GameContent.Tile_Entities.TETeleportationPylon.GenerateInstance ( )

◆ IsTileValidForEntity()

override bool Terraria.GameContent.Tile_Entities.TETeleportationPylon.IsTileValidForEntity ( int  x,
int  y 

◆ NetPlaceEntityAttempt()

override void Terraria.GameContent.Tile_Entities.TETeleportationPylon.NetPlaceEntityAttempt ( int  x,
int  y 

◆ RegisterTileEntityID()

override void Terraria.GameContent.Tile_Entities.TETeleportationPylon.RegisterTileEntityID ( int  assignedID)