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AmbientSky Member List

This is the complete list of members for AmbientSky, including all inherited members.

_isLoaded (defined in GameEffect)GameEffectprotected
_priority (defined in GameEffect)GameEffectprotected
Activate(Vector2 position, params object[] args) (defined in AmbientSky)AmbientSkyvirtual
Deactivate(params object[] args) (defined in AmbientSky)AmbientSkyvirtual
Draw(SpriteBatch spriteBatch, float minDepth, float maxDepth) (defined in AmbientSky)AmbientSkyvirtual
GetCloudAlpha() (defined in CustomSky)CustomSkyvirtual
IsActive() (defined in AmbientSky)AmbientSkyvirtual
IsLoaded (defined in GameEffect)GameEffect
IsVisible() (defined in CustomSky)CustomSkyvirtual
Load() (defined in GameEffect)GameEffect
OnLoad() (defined in GameEffect)GameEffectvirtual
OnTileColor(Color inColor) (defined in CustomSky)CustomSkyvirtual
Opacity (defined in GameEffect)GameEffect
Priority (defined in GameEffect)GameEffect
Reset() (defined in AmbientSky)AmbientSkyvirtual
Spawn(Player player, SkyEntityType type, int seed) (defined in AmbientSky)AmbientSky
Update(GameTime gameTime) (defined in AmbientSky)AmbientSkyvirtual