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IPCServer Member List

This is the complete list of members for IPCServer, including all inherited members.

_cancelTokenSrc (defined in IPCBase)IPCBaseprotected
_onDataArrive (defined in IPCBase)IPCBaseprotected
_pipeBrokenFlag (defined in IPCBase)IPCBaseprotected
_pipeStream (defined in IPCBase)IPCBaseprotected
AddPackToList(List< byte > pack) (defined in IPCBase)IPCBaseprotected
BeginReadData() (defined in IPCBase)IPCBaseprotectedvirtual
BufferSize (defined in IPCBase)IPCBase
ContinueReadOrWait() (defined in IPCServer)IPCServer
GetPackList() (defined in IPCBase)IPCBaseprotected
HaveDataToRead() (defined in IPCBase)IPCBaseprotected
Init(string serverName) (defined in IPCServer)IPCServer
IPCBase() (defined in IPCBase)IPCBase
OnClientAccess (defined in IPCServer)IPCServer
OnDataArrive (defined in IPCServer)IPCServer
ProcessDataArriveEvent() (defined in IPCBase)IPCBasevirtual
ReadCallback(IAsyncResult result) (defined in IPCServer)IPCServervirtual
Reset() (defined in IPCBase)IPCBasevirtual
Send(string value) (defined in IPCBase)IPCBasevirtual
Send(byte[] data) (defined in IPCBase)IPCBasevirtual
SendCallback(IAsyncResult result) (defined in IPCBase)IPCBaseprotectedvirtual
StartListen() (defined in IPCServer)IPCServer
Tick() (defined in IPCServer)IPCServer