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PosData< T >.OrderedSparseLookupBuilder Member List

This is the complete list of members for PosData< T >.OrderedSparseLookupBuilder, including all inherited members.

Add(int x, int y, T value) (defined in PosData< T >.OrderedSparseLookupBuilder)PosData< T >.OrderedSparseLookupBuilder
Add(int pos, T value) (defined in PosData< T >.OrderedSparseLookupBuilder)PosData< T >.OrderedSparseLookupBuilder
Build() (defined in PosData< T >.OrderedSparseLookupBuilder)PosData< T >.OrderedSparseLookupBuilder
OrderedSparseLookupBuilder(int capacity=1048576, bool compressEqualValues=true, bool insertDefaultEntries=false)PosData< T >.OrderedSparseLookupBuilder