Terraria ModLoader
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
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1 namespace Terraria.ModLoader
2 {
7  public enum MusicPriority
8  {
10  None,
12  BiomeLow,
16  BiomeHigh,
20  Event,
22  BossLow,
24  BossMedium,
26  BossHigh
27  }
28 }
This enum dictates from low to high which music selections take priority. Setting appropriate MusicPr...
Definition: MusicPriority.cs:7
Martian Madness, Celestial Towers, Plantera
Temple, Mushrooms, Corruption, Crimson,
Sandstorm, Hell, Above surface during Eclipse, Space
Hallow, Ocean, Desert, Overworld, Night
All other bosses and default modded boss priority
Pirate Invasion, Goblin Invasion, Old Ones Army