Terraria ModLoader
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Terraria.ModLoader.BackupIO.World Class Reference

Responsible for archiving world backups More...

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Static Public Attributes

static readonly string WorldBackupDir = Path.Combine(WorldDir, "Backups")
static readonly string WorldDir = Path.Combine(Main.SavePath, "Worlds")

Static Private Member Functions

static void WriteArchive (ZipFile zip, bool isCloudSave, string path)

Detailed Description

Responsible for archiving world backups

Definition at line 115 of file BackupIO.cs.

Member Function Documentation

static void Terraria.ModLoader.BackupIO.World.WriteArchive ( ZipFile  zip,
bool  isCloudSave,
string  path 

Definition at line 123 of file BackupIO.cs.

123  {
124  if (FileUtilities.Exists(path, isCloudSave)) zip.AddZipEntry(path, isCloudSave);
125  path = Path.ChangeExtension(path, ".twld");
126  if (FileUtilities.Exists(path, isCloudSave)) zip.AddZipEntry(path, isCloudSave);
127  }

Member Data Documentation

readonly string Terraria.ModLoader.BackupIO.World.WorldBackupDir = Path.Combine(WorldDir, "Backups")

Definition at line 118 of file BackupIO.cs.

readonly string Terraria.ModLoader.BackupIO.World.WorldDir = Path.Combine(Main.SavePath, "Worlds")

Definition at line 117 of file BackupIO.cs.