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Terraria.Audio.LegacySoundStyle Class Reference

Inherits Terraria.Audio.SoundStyle.

Public Member Functions

 LegacySoundStyle (int soundId, int style, int variations, SoundType type=SoundType.Sound)
 LegacySoundStyle (int soundId, int style, SoundType type=SoundType.Sound)
LegacySoundStyle AsAmbient ()
LegacySoundStyle AsMusic ()
LegacySoundStyle AsSound ()
override SoundEffect GetRandomSound ()
bool Includes (int soundId, int style)
LegacySoundStyle WithPitchVariance (float pitchVariance)
LegacySoundStyle WithVolume (float volume)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Terraria.Audio.SoundStyle
 SoundStyle (float volume, float pitchVariance, SoundType type=SoundType.Sound)
 SoundStyle (SoundType type=SoundType.Sound)
float GetRandomPitch ()

Public Attributes

readonly int SoundId
readonly int Variations


override bool IsTrackable [get]
int Style [get]
- Properties inherited from Terraria.Audio.SoundStyle
abstract bool IsTrackable [get]
float PitchVariance [get]
SoundType Type [get]
float Volume [get]