tModLoader  0.12 Alpha
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Terraria.Audio.SoundEngine Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static ActiveSound FindActiveSound (SoundStyle style)
static ActiveSound GetActiveSound (SlotId id)
static SoundEffect GetTrackableSoundByStyleId (int id)
static void Initialize ()
static void Load (IServiceProvider services)
static SoundEffectInstance PlaySound (int type, int x=-1, int y=-1, int Style=1, float volumeScale=1f, float pitchOffset=0f)
static void PlaySound (int type, Vector2 position, int style=1)
static SoundEffectInstance PlaySound (LegacySoundStyle type, int x=-1, int y=-1)
static SoundEffectInstance PlaySound (LegacySoundStyle type, Vector2 position)
static SlotId PlayTrackedSound (SoundStyle style)
static SlotId PlayTrackedSound (SoundStyle style, Vector2 position)
static void Reload ()
static void StopAmbientSounds ()
static void StopTrackedSounds ()
static void Update ()

Static Public Attributes

static bool AreSoundsPaused
static readonly object AudioLock = new object()
static LegacySoundPlayer LegacySoundPlayer
static SoundPlayer SoundPlayer


static bool IsAudioSupported [get]