tModLoader  0.12 Alpha
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Terraria.DeprecatedClassLeftInForLoading Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 DeprecatedClassLeftInForLoading (int x, int y)
void Activate ()
void Deactivate ()
override string ToString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static int Find (int x, int y)
static int Hook_AfterPlacement (int x, int y, int type=21, int style=0, int direction=1)
static void Kill (int x, int y)
static int Place (int x, int y)
static void UpdateDummies ()

Public Attributes

int npc
int whoAmI
short x
short y

Static Public Attributes

static DeprecatedClassLeftInForLoading[] dummies = new DeprecatedClassLeftInForLoading[1000]
const int MaxDummies = 1000