tModLoader  0.12 Alpha
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Terraria.Entity Class Reference

Inherited by Terraria.Item, Terraria.NPC, Terraria.Player, and Terraria.Projectile.

Public Member Functions

float AngleFrom (Vector2 Source)
float AngleTo (Vector2 Destination)
Vector2 DirectionFrom (Vector2 Source)
Vector2 DirectionTo (Vector2 Destination)
float Distance (Vector2 Other)
float DistanceSQ (Vector2 Other)
bool WithinRange (Vector2 Target, float MaxRange)

Public Attributes

bool active
int direction = 1
int height
bool honeyWet
bool lavaWet
int oldDirection
Vector2 oldPosition
Vector2 oldVelocity
Vector2 position
Vector2 velocity
bool wet
byte wetCount
int whoAmI
int width


Vector2 Bottom [get, set]
Vector2 BottomLeft [get, set]
Vector2 BottomRight [get, set]
Vector2 Center [get, set]
Rectangle Hitbox [get, set]
Vector2 Left [get, set]
Vector2 Right [get, set]
Vector2 Size [get, set]
Vector2 Top [get, set]
Vector2 TopLeft [get, set]
Vector2 TopRight [get, set]
virtual Vector2 VisualPosition [get]