tModLoader  0.12 Alpha
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Terraria.Lang Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static string AnglerQuestChat (bool turnIn=false)
static string AnglerQuestCountChat (NPC npc)
static string BartenderChat (NPC npc)
static string BartenderHelpText (NPC npc)
static string BestiaryGirlChat (NPC npc)
static void BuildMapAtlas ()
static string BunnyChat (NPC npc)
static string CatChat (NPC npc)
static NetworkText CreateDeathMessage (string deadPlayerName, int plr=-1, int npc=-1, int proj=-1, int other=-1, int projType=0, int plrItemType=0)
static LanguageSearchFilter CreateDialogFilter (string startsWith)
static LanguageSearchFilter CreateDialogFilter (string startsWith, object substitutions)
static object CreateDialogSubstitutionObject (NPC npc=null)
static string dialog (int l, bool english=false)
static string DogChat (NPC npc)
static string DyeTraderQuestChat (bool gotDye=false)
static string GetBuffDescription (int id)
static string GetBuffName (int id)
static string GetDryadWorldStatusDialog ()
static LocalizedText GetEmojiName (int id)
static NetworkText GetInvasionWaveText (int wave, params short[] npcIds)
static LocalizedText GetItemName (int id)
static string GetItemNameValue (int id)
static string GetMapObjectName (int id)
static string GetNPCHouseBannerText (NPC npc, int bannerStyle)
static LocalizedText GetNPCName (int netID)
static string GetNPCNameValue (int netID)
static LocalizedText GetProjectileName (int type)
static string GetRandomGameTitle ()
static ItemTooltip GetTooltip (int itemId)
static string GolferChat (NPC npc)
static void InitializeLegacyLocalization ()
static string LocalizedDuration (TimeSpan time, bool abbreviated, bool showAllAvailableUnits)
static string PrincessChat (NPC npc)

Static Public Attributes

static MapLegend _mapLegendCache
static LocalizedText[] chestType = new LocalizedText[52]
static LocalizedText[] chestType2 = new LocalizedText[14]
static LocalizedText[] dresserType = new LocalizedText[40]
static LocalizedText[] gen = new LocalizedText[91]
static LocalizedText[] inter = new LocalizedText[129]
static LocalizedText[] menu = new LocalizedText[253]
static LocalizedText[] misc = new LocalizedText[201]
static LocalizedText[] mp = new LocalizedText[23]
static LocalizedText[] prefix = new LocalizedText[85]
static LocalizedText[] tip = new LocalizedText[61]