tModLoader  0.12 Alpha
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Terraria.Liquid Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void Update ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void AddWater (int x, int y)
static void DelWater (int l)
static void HoneyCheck (int x, int y)
static void LavaCheck (int x, int y)
static void NetSendLiquid (int x, int y)
static void QuickWater (int verbose=0, int minY=-1, int maxY=-1)
static void ReInit ()
static void StartPanic ()
static void tilesIgnoreWater (bool ignoreSolids)
static void UpdateLiquid ()
static void worldGenTilesIgnoreWater (bool ignoreSolids)

Public Attributes

int delay
int kill
int x
int y

Static Public Attributes

static int curMaxLiquid = 0
static int cycles = 10
static int maxLiquid = 25000
const int maxLiquidBuffer = 50000
static int numLiquid
static int panicCounter
static bool panicMode
static int panicY
static bool quickFall
static bool quickSettle
static int skipCount
static bool stuck
static int stuckAmount
static int stuckCount