tModLoader  0.12 Alpha
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Terraria.ModLoader.CombinedHooks Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static bool CanConsumeAmmo (Player player, Item weapon, Item ammo)
static ? bool CanPlayerHitNPCWithItem (Player player, Item item, NPC npc)
static bool CanShoot (Player player, Item item)
static bool CanUseItem (Player player, Item item)
static void ModifyManaCost (Player player, Item item, ref float reduce, ref float mult)
static void ModifyShootStats (Player player, Item item, ref Vector2 position, ref Vector2 velocity, ref int type, ref int damage, ref float knockback)
static void ModifyWeaponCrit (Player player, Item item, ref int crit)
static void ModifyWeaponDamage (Player player, Item item, ref StatModifier damage, ref float flat)
static void ModifyWeaponKnockback (Player player, Item item, ref StatModifier knockback, ref float flat)
static void OnConsumeAmmo (Player player, Item weapon, Item ammo)
static void OnConsumeMana (Player player, Item item, int manaConsumed)
static void OnMissingMana (Player player, Item item, int neededMana)
static bool Shoot (Player player, Item item, ProjectileSource_Item_WithAmmo source, Vector2 position, Vector2 velocity, int type, int damage, float knockback)
static int TotalAnimationTime (float useAnimation, Player player, Item item)
static float TotalUseAnimationMultiplier (Player player, Item item)
static float TotalUseSpeedMultiplier (Player player, Item item)
static int TotalUseTime (float useTime, Player player, Item item)
static float TotalUseTimeMultiplier (Player player, Item item)