tModLoader  0.12 Alpha
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Terraria.ModLoader.IO.TagCompound Class Reference

Inherits IEnumerable< KeyValuePair< string, object >>, and ICloneable.

Public Member Functions

void Add (KeyValuePair< string, object > entry)
void Add (string key, object value)
void Clear ()
object Clone ()
bool ContainsKey (string key)
Get< T > (string key)
double GetAsDouble (string key)
int GetAsInt (string key)
long GetAsLong (string key)
short GetAsShort (string key)
bool GetBool (string key)
byte GetByte (string key)
byte[] GetByteArray (string key)
TagCompound GetCompound (string key)
double GetDouble (string key)
IEnumerator< KeyValuePair< string, object > > GetEnumerator ()
float GetFloat (string key)
int GetInt (string key)
int[] GetIntArray (string key)
IList< T > GetList< T > (string key)
long GetLong (string key)
short GetShort (string key)
string GetString (string key)
bool Remove (string key)
void Set (string key, object value)
void Set (string key, object value, bool replace=false)
override string ToString ()


int Count [get]
object this[string key] [get, set]