tModLoader  0.12 Alpha
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Terraria.ModLoader.IO.TileEntry Class Reference

Inherits Terraria.ModLoader.IO.ModEntry.

Public Member Functions

 TileEntry (ModTile tile)
 TileEntry (TagCompound tag)
override TagCompound SerializeData ()

Public Attributes

bool frameImportant
- Public Attributes inherited from Terraria.ModLoader.IO.ModEntry
ushort loadedType
string modName
string name
ushort type
string unloadedType
ushort vanillaReplacementType

Static Public Attributes

static Func< TagCompound, TileEntryDESERIALIZER = tag => new TileEntry(tag)

Protected Member Functions

override string GetUnloadedType (ushort type)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Terraria.ModLoader.IO.ModEntry
 ModEntry (ModBlockType block)
 ModEntry (TagCompound tag)


override string DefaultUnloadedType [get]
- Properties inherited from Terraria.ModLoader.IO.ModEntry
abstract string DefaultUnloadedType [get]
bool IsUnloaded [get]