tModLoader  0.12 Alpha
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Terraria.Player Class Reference

Inherits Terraria.Entity.


class  BuilderAccToggleIDs
struct  CompositeArmData
class  Hooks
struct  ItemSpaceStatus
struct  OverheadMessage
struct  RabbitOrderFrameHelper
class  RandomTeleportationAttemptSettings
class  SavedPlayerDataWithAnnoyingRules
class  SelectionRadial
class  Settings
class  SmartCursorSettings

Public Types

enum class  CompositeArmStretchAmount { Full , None , Quarter , ThreeQuarters }

Public Member Functions

void AccumulateGolfingScore (int score)
void AddBuff (int type, int timeToAdd, bool quiet=true, bool foodHack=false)
void addDPS (int dmg)
void AdjTiles ()
void ApplyArmorSoundAndDustChanges ()
void ApplyDamageToNPC (NPC npc, int damage, float knockback, int direction, bool crit)
void ApplyEquipFunctional (Item currentItem, bool hideVisual)
void ApplyEquipVanity (Item currentItem)
void ApplyItemAnimation (Item sItem)
void ApplyItemAnimation (Item sItem, float multiplier, int? itemReuseDelay=null)
void ApplyItemTime (Item sItem, bool? callUseItem=null)
void ApplyItemTime (Item sItem, float multiplier, bool? callUseItem=null)
Vector2 ApplyRangeCompensation (float rangeCompensation, Vector2 startPos, Vector2 targetPos)
int ArmorSetDye ()
void AutoFinchStaff ()
int beeDamage (int dmg)
float beeKB (float KB)
int beeType ()
int BiomeTorchHoldStyle (int style)
int BiomeTorchPlaceStyle (int style)
void BordersMovement ()
void BrainOfConfusionDodge ()
void BuffHandle_SpawnPetIfNeeded (ref bool petBool, int petProjID, int buffIndex)
void BuffHandle_SpawnPetIfNeededAndSetTime (int buffIndex, ref bool petBool, int petProjID, int buffTimeToGive=18000)
bool BuyItem (int price, int customCurrency=-1)
bool CanAcceptItemIntoInventory (Item item)
bool CanBuyItem (int price, int customCurrency=-1)
bool CanDemonHeartAccessoryBeShown ()
bool CanFitSpace (int heightBoost)
bool CanGoIntoAmmoOnPickup (Item theSlot, Item theItemToAccept)
bool CanHit (Entity ent)
bool CanItemSlotAccept (Item theSlot, Item theItemToAccept)
bool CanMasterModeAccessoryBeShown ()
bool CanNPCBeHitByPlayerOrPlayerProjectile (NPC npc)
bool CanParryAgainst (Rectangle blockingPlayerRect, Rectangle enemyRect, Vector2 enemyVelocity)
bool CanPullItem (Item item, ItemSpaceStatus status)
bool CanSnapToPosition (Vector2 offset)
bool CanVisuallyHoldItem (Item item)
void CarpetMovement ()
void ChangeDir (int dir)
void ChangeSpawn (int x, int y)
Color ChatColor ()
void CheckCrackedBrickBreak ()
void checkDPSTime ()
void CheckDrowning ()
Vector2 CheckForGoodTeleportationSpot (ref bool canSpawn, int teleportStartX, int teleportRangeX, int teleportStartY, int teleportRangeY, RandomTeleportationAttemptSettings settings)
void CheckIceBreak ()
bool CheckMana (int amount, bool pay=false, bool blockQuickMana=false)
bool CheckMana (Item item, int amount=-1, bool pay=false, bool blockQuickMana=false)
void ClearBuff (int type)
void ClearGrapplingBlacklist ()
object clientClone ()
object Clone ()
void CloseSign ()
void CollectTaxes ()
int CollideWithNPCs (Rectangle myRect, float Damage, float Knockback, int NPCImmuneTime, int PlayerImmuneTime)
void CommandForbiddenStorm ()
bool ConsumeItem (int type, bool reverseOrder=false)
bool ConsumeSolarFlare ()
void CopyVisuals (Player other)
int CountBuffs ()
void Counterweight (Vector2 hitPos, int dmg, float kb)
int CountItem (int type, int stopCountingAt=0)
void DashMovement ()
delegate void DashStartAction (int dashDirection)
void DelBuff (int b)
void DemonConch ()
void DisplayDollUpdate ()
void DoBootsEffect (Utils.TileActionAttempt theEffectMethod)
bool DoBootsEffect_PlaceFlamesOnTile (int X, int Y)
bool DoBootsEffect_PlaceFlowersOnTile (int X, int Y)
void DoCoins (int i)
void DoPotionOfReturnReturnToOriginalUsePosition ()
void DoPotionOfReturnTeleportationAndSetTheComebackPoint ()
void DoQueenSlimeHookTeleport (Vector2 targetPosition)
void DoubleJumpVisuals ()
bool DropAnglerAccByMissing (List< int > itemIdsOfAccsWeWant, int randomChanceForASingleAcc, out bool botheredRollingForADrop, out int itemIdToDrop)
int DropCoins ()
void dropItemCheck ()
void DropItems ()
void DropSelectedItem ()
void DropTombstone (int coinsOwned, NetworkText deathText, int hitDirection)
void DryCollision (bool fallThrough, bool ignorePlats)
Item FillAmmo (int plr, Item newItem, GetItemSettings settings)
int FindBuffIndex (int type)
int FindItem (bool[] validtypes)
int FindItem (int netid)
int FindItem (List< int > netids)
void FindPulley ()
void FindSentryRestingSpot (int checkProj, out int worldX, out int worldY, out int pushYUp)
void FindSpawn ()
void FlipItemLocationAndRotationForGravity ()
void FloorVisuals (bool Falling)
void ForceUpdateBiomes ()
void GamepadEnableGrappleCooldown ()
float GetAdjustedItemScale (Item item)
EntityShadowInfo GetAdvancedShadow (int shadowIndex)
int GetAmountOfExtraAccessorySlotsToShow ()
void GetAnglerReward ()
Vector2 GetBackHandPosition (CompositeArmStretchAmount stretch, float rotation)
Item GetBestPickaxe ()
ref int GetCritChance (DamageClass damageClass)
 Gets the crit modifier for this damage type on this player. This returns a reference, and as such, you can freely modify this method's return value with operators. More...
ref int GetCritChance< T > ()
 Gets the crit modifier for this damage type on this player. This returns a reference, and as such, you can freely modify this method's return value with operators. More...
ref StatModifier GetDamage (DamageClass damageClass)
 Gets the damage modifier for this damage type on this player. This returns a reference, and as such, you can freely modify this method's return value with operators. More...
ref StatModifier GetDamage< T > ()
 Gets the damage modifier for this damage type on this player. This returns a reference, and as such, you can freely modify this method's return value with operators. More...
Color GetDeathAlpha (Color newColor)
int getDPS ()
void GetDyeTraderReward ()
Vector2 GetFaceHeadOffsetFromHelmet ()
Vector2 GetFarthestSpawnPositionOnLine (Vector2 startPos, float speedX, float speedY)
PlayerFishingConditions GetFishingConditions ()
Vector2 GetFrontHandPosition (CompositeArmStretchAmount stretch, float rotation)
Color GetHairColor (bool useLighting=true)
void GetHairSettings (out bool fullHair, out bool hatHair, out bool hideHair, out bool backHairDraw, out bool drawsBackHairWithoutHeadgear)
int GetHealLife (Item item, bool quickHeal=false)
int GetHealMana (Item item, bool quickHeal=false)
Vector2 GetHelmetDrawOffset ()
Vector2 GetHelmetOffsetAddonFromFaceHead (Vector2 headOffset)
Color GetImmuneAlpha (Color newColor, float alphaReduction)
Color GetImmuneAlphaPure (Color newColor, float alphaReduction)
Item GetItem (int plr, Item newItem, GetItemSettings settings)
Rectangle GetItemDrawFrame (int type)
void GetItemExpectedPrice (Item item, out int calcForSelling, out int calcForBuying)
ref StatModifier GetKnockback (DamageClass damageClass)
 Gets the knockback modifier for this damage type on this player. This returns a reference, and as such, you can freely modify this method's return value with operators. More...
ref StatModifier GetKnockback< T > ()
 Gets the knockback modifier for this damage type on this player. This returns a reference, and as such, you can freely modify this method's return value with operators. More...
Vector2 GetLegsDrawOffset ()
List< int > GetListOfProjectilesToInteractWithHack ()
int GetManaCost (Item item)
GetModPlayer< T > ()
 Gets the instance of the specified ModPlayer type. This will throw exceptions on failure. More...
GetModPlayer< T > (T baseInstance)
 Gets the local instance of the type of the specified ModPlayer instance. This will throw exceptions on failure. More...
List< int > GetNearbyContainerProjectilesList ()
void GetOtherPlayersPickTile (int x, int y, int pickDamage)
void GetPreferredGolfBallToUse (out int projType)
int GetPrimaryBiome ()
IProjectileSource GetProjectileSource_Accessory (Item item)
IProjectileSource GetProjectileSource_Buff (int buffIndex)
IProjectileSource GetProjectileSource_Item (Item item)
IProjectileSource GetProjectileSource_Item_WithPotentialAmmo (Item item, int ammoItemId)
IProjectileSource GetProjectileSource_Misc (int projectileSourceId)
IProjectileSource GetProjectileSource_SetBonus (int projectileSourceId)
IProjectileSource GetProjectileSource_TileInteraction (int tileCoordsX, int tileCoordsY)
Rectangle getRect ()
int GetWeaponCrit (Item sItem)
int GetWeaponDamage (Item sItem)
float GetWeaponKnockback (Item sItem, float KnockBack)
WingStats GetWingStats (int wingID)
void Ghost ()
void GiveImmuneTimeForCollisionAttack (int time)
void GrappleMovement ()
bool HasAmmo (Item sItem, bool canUse)
bool HasBuff (int type)
 Returns whether or not this Player currently has a (de)buff of the provided type. More...
bool HasBuff< T > ()
bool HasEnoughPickPowerToHurtTile (int x, int y)
bool HasItem (int type)
bool HasLockedInventory ()
bool HasNPCBannerBuff (int bannerType)
bool HasUnityPotion ()
void HealEffect (int healAmount, bool broadcast=true)
void HoneyCollision (bool fallThrough, bool ignorePlats)
void HorizontalMovement ()
double Hurt (PlayerDeathReason damageSource, int Damage, int hitDirection, bool pvp=false, bool quiet=false, bool Crit=false, int cooldownCounter=-1)
bool InInteractionRange (int interactX, int interactY)
bool InModBiome (ModBiome baseInstance)
 Determines if the player is in specified ModBiome. This will throw exceptions on failure. More...
bool InOpposingTeam (Player otherPlayer)
void InterruptItemUsageIfOverTile (int tileTypeToBeOver)
bool InZonePurity ()
 Calculates whether or not the player is in the purity/forest biome. More...
bool IsAValidEquipmentSlotForIteration (int slot)
bool IsBlacklistedForGrappling (Point p)
bool IsColorfulDye (int dye)
bool IsInInteractionRangeToMultiTileHitbox (int chestPointX, int chestPointY)
bool IsInTileInteractionRange (int targetX, int targetY)
bool isNearFairy ()
bool isNearNPC (int type, float range=-1f)
bool IsProjectileInteractibleAndInInteractionRange (Projectile proj, ref Vector2 compareSpot)
bool IsStackingItems ()
bool IsTargetTileInItemRange (Item sItem)
bool IsTileTypeInInteractionRange (int targetTileType)
bool IsWithinSnappngRangeToTile (int x, int y, int distanceInPixels)
void ItemCheck (int i)
void ItemCheck_ApplyUseStyle (float mountOffset, Item sItem, Rectangle heldItemFrame)
void ItemCheck_ApplyUseStyle_Inner (float mountOffset, Item sItem, Rectangle heldItemFrame)
void ItemCheck_ManageRightClickFeatures ()
void ItemCheck_ManageRightClickFeatures_ShieldRaise (bool theGeneralCheck)
bool ItemFitsItemFrame (Item i)
bool ItemFitsWeaponRack (Item i)
bool ItemIsVisuallyIncompatible (Item item)
ItemSpaceStatus ItemSpace (Item newItem)
bool ItemSpaceForCofveve (Item newItem)
void JumpMovement ()
void KeyDoubleTap (int keyDir)
void KeyHoldDown (int keyDir, int holdTime)
void KillMe (PlayerDeathReason damageSource, double dmg, int hitDirection, bool pvp=false)
void KillMeForGood ()
void LimitPointToPlayerReachableArea (ref Vector2 pointPoisition)
void LockGamepadTileInteractions ()
void LookForTileInteractions ()
void MagicConch ()
void ManaEffect (int manaAmount)
void ManageSpecialBiomeVisuals (string biomeName, bool inZone, Vector2 activationSource=default(Vector2))
void MinionNPCTargetAim (bool doNotDisableIfTheTargetIsTheSame)
void MinionRestTargetAim ()
void MoonLeechRope ()
void NebulaLevelup (int type)
void NinjaDodge ()
void OnHit (float x, float y, Entity victim)
void OpenBossBag (int type)
void OpenCanofWorms ()
void OpenCapricornLegs ()
void OpenCapricornTail ()
void OpenFishingCrate (int crateItemID)
void OpenGoodieBag ()
void OpenHerbBag ()
void OpenLockBox ()
void OpenOyster ()
void openPresent ()
void OpenShadowLockbox ()
void PetAnimal (int animalNpcIndex)
void PickAmmo (Item sItem, ref int projToShoot, ref float speed, ref bool canShoot, ref int Damage, ref float KnockBack, out int usedAmmoItemId, bool dontConsume=false)
void PickTile (int x, int y, int pickPower)
void PlaceThing ()
void PlaceWeapon (int x, int y)
void PlayDroppedItemAnimation (int time)
void PlayDrums (float range)
void PlayerFrame ()
void PlayGuitarChord (float range)
void PutItemInInventoryFromItemUsage (int type, int selItem=-1)
void QuickBuff ()
void QuickGrapple ()
Item QuickGrapple_GetItemToUse ()
void QuickHeal ()
Item QuickHeal_GetItemToUse ()
void QuickMana ()
Item QuickMana_GetItemToUse ()
void QuickMount ()
Item QuickMount_GetItemToUse ()
void QuickSpawnClonedItem (Item item, int stack=1)
 Will spawn an item like QuickSpawnItem, but clones it (handy when you need to retain item infos) More...
void QuickSpawnItem (int item, int stack=1)
void QuickSpawnItem (Item item, int stack=1)
void QuickStackAllChests ()
void RecalculateLuck ()
void RefreshItems ()
void RefreshMovementAbilities (bool doubleJumps=true)
void RemoveAllFishingBobbers ()
void RemoveAllGrapplingHooks ()
void RemoveSpawn ()
void ResetAdvancedShadows ()
void ResetEffects ()
void ResetVisibleAccessories ()
int RollLuck (int range)
Vector2 RotatedRelativePoint (Vector2 pos, bool reverseRotation=false, bool addGfxOffY=true)
Vector2 RotatedRelativePointOld (Vector2 pos, bool rotateForward=true)
void RotateRelativePoint (ref float x, ref float y)
void ScrollHotbar (int Offset)
bool SellItem (Item item, int stack=-1)
void SetArmorEffectVisuals (Player drawPlayer)
void SetCompositeArmBack (bool enabled, CompositeArmStretchAmount stretch, float rotation)
void SetCompositeArmFront (bool enabled, CompositeArmStretchAmount stretch, float rotation)
void SetDummyItemTime (int frames)
void SetImmuneTimeForAllTypes (int time)
void SetItemAnimation (int frames)
void SetItemTime (int frames)
void SetPlayerDataToOutOfClassFields ()
void SetTalkNPC (int npcIndex, bool fromNet=false)
void ShadowDodge ()
bool ShouldDrawFootball ()
bool ShouldDrawWingsThatAreAlwaysAnimated ()
void SlopeDownMovement ()
void SlopingCollision (bool fallThrough, bool ignorePlats)
void SmartInteractLookup ()
void SmartSelectLookup ()
void Spawn (PlayerSpawnContext context)
int SpawnMinionOnCursor (IProjectileSource projectileSource, int ownerIndex, int minionProjectileId, int originalDamageNotScaledByMinionDamage, float KnockBack, Vector2 offsetFromCursor=default(Vector2), Vector2 velocityOnSpawn=default(Vector2))
void SporeSac (Item sourceItem)
void StatusFromNPC (NPC npc)
void StatusToNPC (int type, int i)
void StatusToPlayerPvP (int type, int i)
void StickyMovement ()
void StopVanityActions (bool multiplayerBroadcast=true)
bool SummonItemCheck ()
void TakeUnityPotion ()
bool TeamChangeAllowed ()
void Teleport (Vector2 newPos, int Style=0, int extraInfo=0)
void TeleportationPotion ()
void TileInteractionsCheck (int myX, int myY)
void ToggleCreativeMenu ()
void ToggleInv ()
void ToggleLight ()
void TogglePet ()
void TryGettingDevArmor ()
void TryInterruptingItemUsage ()
void TryOpeningFullscreenMap ()
bool TryPlacingAGolfBallNearANearbyTee (Vector2 placePosition)
void TryPortalJumping ()
void TryTogglingShield (bool shouldGuard)
void UnityTeleport (Vector2 telePos)
void Update (int i)
void Update_NPCCollision ()
void UpdateAdvancedShadows ()
void UpdateArmorLights ()
void UpdateArmorSets (int i)
void UpdateBiomes ()
void UpdateBlacklistedTilesForGrappling ()
void UpdateBuffs (int i)
void UpdateDead ()
void UpdateDyes ()
void UpdateEquips (int i)
void UpdateForbiddenSetLock ()
void UpdateHairDyeDust ()
void UpdateImmunity ()
void UpdateJumpHeight ()
void UpdateLifeRegen ()
void UpdateLuckFactors ()
void UpdateManaRegen ()
void UpdateMaxTurrets ()
void UpdateMinionTarget ()
void UpdateMiscCounter ()
void UpdateNearbyInteractibleProjectilesList ()
void UpdatePet (int i)
void UpdatePetLight (int i)
void UpdateSocialShadow ()
void UpdateTeleportVisuals ()
void UpdateTouchingTiles ()
void UpdateVisibleAccessory (Item item)
 Won't work with yoraiz0rEye as effect needs target item slot. More...
void VanillaPostUpdateInventory ()
void VanillaPreUpdateInventory ()
void VanillaUpdateEquip (Item item)
void VanillaUpdateInventory (Item item)
void VolatileGelatin (Item sourceItem)
void WallslideMovement ()
void WaterCollision (bool fallThrough, bool ignorePlats)
void WingFrame (bool wingFlap, bool isCustomWings=false)
void WingMovement ()
void WipeOldestTurret ()
void WOFTongue ()
void Yoraiz0rEye ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Terraria.Entity
float AngleFrom (Vector2 Source)
float AngleTo (Vector2 Destination)
Vector2 DirectionFrom (Vector2 Source)
Vector2 DirectionTo (Vector2 Destination)
float Distance (Vector2 Other)
float DistanceSQ (Vector2 Other)
bool WithinRange (Vector2 Target, float MaxRange)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool CheckSpawn (int x, int y)
static void ClearPlayerTempInfo ()
static byte FindClosest (Vector2 Position, int Width, int Height)
static float GetClosestPlayersLuck (Point Position)
static float GetClosestPlayersLuck (Vector2 Position)
static float GetClosestRollLuck (int x, int y, int range)
static float GetClosestRollLuck (Vector2 position, int range)
static PlayerFileData GetFileData (string file, bool cloudSave)
static int GetFloorTileType (int x, int y)
static int GetMouseScrollDelta ()
static void InternalSaveMap (bool isCloudSave)
static bool IsHoveringOverABottomSideOfABed (int myX, int myY)
static PlayerFileData LoadPlayer (string playerPath, bool cloudSave)
static void SavePlayer (PlayerFileData playerFile, bool skipMapSave=false)
static int SetMatch (int armorslot, int type, bool male, ref bool somethingSpecial)
static bool WouldSpotOverlapWithSentry (int worldX, int worldY, bool lightningAura)

Public Attributes

int _framesLeftEligibleForDeadmansChestDeathAchievement
int _funkytownAchievementCheckCooldown
int _portalPhysicsTime
bool accCalendar
int accCompass
bool accCritterGuide
byte accCritterGuideCounter
byte accCritterGuideNumber
int accDepthMeter
bool accDivingHelm
bool accDreamCatcher
bool accFishFinder
bool accFishingLine
bool accFlipper
bool accJarOfSouls
bool accLavaFishing
bool accMerman
bool accOreFinder
float accRunSpeed
bool accStopwatch
bool accTackleBox
bool accThirdEye
byte accThirdEyeCounter
byte accThirdEyeNumber
int accWatch
bool accWeatherRadio
bool ActuationRodLock
bool ActuationRodLockSetting
bool adjHoney
bool adjLava
bool adjWater
int afkCounter
int aggro
bool alchemyTable
int altFunctionUse
bool ammoBox
bool ammoCost75
bool ammoCost80
bool ammoPotion
int anglerQuestsFinished
bool archery
bool arcticDivingGear
Item[] armor = new Item[20]
bool armorEffectDrawOutlines
bool armorEffectDrawOutlinesForbidden
bool armorEffectDrawShadow
bool armorEffectDrawShadowBasilisk
bool armorEffectDrawShadowEOCShield
bool armorEffectDrawShadowLokis
bool armorEffectDrawShadowSubtle
int armorPenetration
StatModifier arrowDamage = StatModifier.One
int attackCD
bool autoActuator
bool autoJump
bool autoPaint
bool autoReuseGlove
int availableAdvancedShadowsCount
bool babyBird
bool babyFaceMonster
sbyte back = -1
sbyte backpack = -1
bool ballistaPanic
sbyte balloon = -1
sbyte balloonFront = -1
Chest bank = new Chest(bank: true)
Chest bank2 = new Chest(bank: true)
Chest bank3 = new Chest(bank: true)
Chest bank4 = new Chest(bank: true)
int bartenderQuestLog
float basiliskCharge
bool batsOfLight
bool beetleBuff
int beetleCountdown
float beetleCounter
bool beetleDefense
int beetleFrame
int beetleFrameCounter
bool beetleOffense
int beetleOrbs
Vector2[] beetlePos = new Vector2[3]
Vector2[] beetleVel = new Vector2[3]
bool behindBackWall
bool blackBelt
bool blackCat
bool blackout
bool bleed
bool blind
int blockRange
bool blueFairy
int body = -1
Rectangle bodyFrame
double bodyFrameCounter
Vector2 bodyPosition
float bodyRotation
Vector2 bodyVelocity
bool boneArmor
Item boneGloveItem
int boneGloveTimer
int brainOfConfusionDodgeAnimationCounter
Item brainOfConfusionItem
int breath = 200
int breathCD
int breathMax = 200
bool brokenArmor
bool[] buffImmune = new bool[327]
int[] buffTime = new int[22]
int[] buffType = new int[22]
int[] builderAccStatus
StatModifier bulletDamage = StatModifier.One
bool bunny
bool burned
bool cactusThorns
bool calmed
bool canCarpet
bool canFloatInWater
int cAngelHalo
bool canJumpAgain_Basilisk
bool canJumpAgain_Blizzard
bool canJumpAgain_Cloud
bool canJumpAgain_Fart
bool canJumpAgain_Sail
bool canJumpAgain_Sandstorm
bool canJumpAgain_Santank
bool canJumpAgain_Unicorn
bool canJumpAgain_WallOfFleshGoat
bool canRocket
bool CanSeeInvisibleBlocks
bool carpet
int carpetFrame = -1
float carpetFrameCounter
int carpetTime
bool cartFlip
int cartRampTime
int cBack
int cBackpack
int cBalloon
int cBalloonFront
int cBody
int cCarpet
int cFace
int cFaceFlower
int cFaceHead
int cFloatingTube
int cFront
int cGingerBeard
int cGrapple
int cHandOff
int cHandOn
int changeItem = -1
bool channel
bool chaosState
OverheadMessage chatOverhead
int cHead
int chest = -1
int chestX
int chestY
bool chilled
bool chloroAmmoCost80
SelectionRadial CircularRadial = new SelectionRadial(SelectionRadial.SelectionMode.RadialCircular)
int cLegs
int cLeinShampoo
int cLight
int cMinecart
int cMinion
int cMount
int cNeck
bool coldDash
bool companionCube
CompositeArmData compositeBackArm
CompositeArmData compositeFrontArm
bool confused
bool controlCreativeMenu
bool controlDown
bool controlHook
bool controlInv
bool controlJump
bool controlLeft
bool controlMap
bool controlMount
bool controlQuickHeal
bool controlQuickMana
bool controlRight
bool controlSmart
bool controlThrow
bool controlTorch
bool controlUp
bool controlUseItem
bool controlUseTile
bool coolWhipBuff
bool cordage
int counterWeight
int cPet
int cPortalbeStool
bool cratePotion
bool creativeGodMode
bool creativeInterface
CreativeUnlocksTracker creativeTracker
bool crimsonHeart
bool crimsonRegen
bool crystalLeaf
bool cSapling
int cShield
int cShieldFallback
int cShoe
int cTail
int cUnicornHorn
ShoppingSettings currentShoppingSettings = ShoppingSettings.NotInShop
bool cursed
bool cursorItemIconEnabled
int cursorItemIconID
bool cursorItemIconReversed
string cursorItemIconText = ""
int cWaist
int cWings
int cYorai
bool dangerSense
int dash
int dashDelay
int dashTime
int dashType
bool dazed
bool dd2Accessory
bool dead
bool DeadlySphereMinion
bool defendedByPaladin
bool delayUseItem
bool desertBoots
bool desertDash
bool detectCreature
byte difficulty
bool dino
bool discount
string displayedFishingInfo = ""
bool dontHurtCritters
DoorOpeningHelper doorHelper
int[] doubleTapCardinalTimer = new int[4]
bool downedDD2EventAnyDifficulty
SelectionRadial DpadRadial = new SelectionRadial()
int dpsDamage
DateTime dpsEnd
DateTime dpsLastHit
DateTime dpsStart
bool dpsStarted
float drainBoost
bool drawingFootball
bool dripping
bool drippingSlime
bool drippingSparkleSlime
bool dryadWard
Item[] dye = new Item[10]
bool eater
bool editedChestName
bool electrified
int emoteTime
bool empressBlade
bool empressBrooch
float endurance
bool enemySpawns
int environmentBuffImmunityTimer
int eocDash
int eocHit
bool equippedAnyTileRangeAcc
bool equippedAnyTileSpeedAcc
bool equippedAnyWallSpeedAcc
bool extraAccessory
int extraFall
Color eyeColor = new Color(105, 90, 75)
PlayerEyeHelper eyeHelper
bool eyeSpring
sbyte face = -1
sbyte faceFlower = -1
sbyte faceHead = -1
bool fairyBoots
int fallStart
int fallStart2
bool findTreasure
bool fireWalk
float firstFractalAfterImageOpacity
int fishingSkill
byte flameRingAlpha
byte flameRingFrame
float flameRingRot
float flameRingScale = 1f
bool flapSound
bool flinxMinion
bool flowerBoots
int flyingPigChest = -1
bool forceMerman
bool forceWerewolf
bool frogLegJumpBoost
sbyte front = -1
bool frostArmor
bool frostBurn
bool frozen
float fullRotation
Vector2 fullRotationOrigin = Vector2.Zero
int gem = -1
int gemCount
float gfxOffY
bool ghost
float ghostDir = 1f
float ghostDmg
float ghostFade
int ghostFrame
int ghostFrameCounter
bool ghostHeal
bool ghostHurt
bool gills
bool GoingDownWithGrapple
bool goldRing
int golferScoreAccumulated
int grapCount
int[] grappling = new int[20]
bool gravControl
bool gravControl2
float gravDir = 1f
float gravity = defaultGravity
bool greenFairy
bool grinch
bool gross
int hair
Color hairColor = new Color(215, 90, 55)
int hairDye
Color hairDyeColor = Color.Transparent
float hairDyeVar
Rectangle hairFrame
sbyte handoff = -1
sbyte handon = -1
bool happyFunTorchTime
bool hasAngelHalo
bool hasCreditsSceneMusicBox
bool hasFloatingTube
bool hasFootball
bool HasGardenGnomeNearby
bool hasGingerBeard
bool hasJumpOption_Basilisk
bool hasJumpOption_Blizzard
bool hasJumpOption_Cloud
bool hasJumpOption_Fart
bool hasJumpOption_Sail
bool hasJumpOption_Sandstorm
bool hasJumpOption_Santank
bool hasJumpOption_Unicorn
bool hasJumpOption_WallOfFleshGoat
bool hasLuckyCoin
bool hasMoltenQuiver
bool hasPaladinShield
bool hasRainbowCursor
bool hasRaisableShield
bool hasTitaniumStormBuff
bool hasUnicornHorn
bool hbLocked
int head = -1
bool headcovered
Rectangle headFrame
double headFrameCounter
Vector2 headPosition
float headRotation
Vector2 headVelocity
int heldProj = -1
SoundPlaySet hermesStepSound = new SoundPlaySet()
bool[] hideInfo = new bool[InfoDisplayLoader.InfoDisplayCount]
bool hideMerman
BitsByte hideMisc = (byte)0
bool[] hideVisibleAccessory = new bool[10]
bool hideWolf
int highestStormTigerGemOriginalDamage
HitTile hitReplace
HitTile hitTile
int[] holdDownCardinalTimer = new int[4]
bool honey
Item honeyCombItem
bool hornet
bool hornetMinion
bool hostile
int HotbarOffset
bool huntressAmmoCost90
int[] hurtCooldowns = new int[5]
bool iceBarrier
byte iceBarrierFrame
byte iceBarrierFrameCounter
bool iceSkate
bool ichor
bool ignoreWater
bool immune
int immuneAlpha
int immuneAlphaDirection
bool immuneNoBlink
int immuneTime
bool impMinion
bool inferno
int infernoCounter
bool InfoAccMechShowWires
Vector2 instantMovementAccumulatedThisFrame
Item[] inventory = new Item[59]
bool[] inventoryChestStack = new bool[59]
bool invis
bool isDisplayDollOrInanimate
bool isFirstFractalAfterImage
bool isHatRackDoll
bool isPerformingJump_Basilisk
bool isPerformingJump_Blizzard
bool isPerformingJump_Cloud
bool isPerformingJump_Fart
bool isPerformingJump_Sail
bool isPerformingJump_Sandstorm
bool isPerformingJump_Santank
bool isPerformingJump_Unicorn
bool isPerformingJump_WallOfFleshGoat
bool isPerformingPogostickTricks
bool isPettingAnimal
bool isTheAnimalBeingPetSmall
int itemAnimation
int itemAnimationMax
int itemFlameCount
Vector2[] itemFlamePos = new Vector2[7]
int itemHeight
Vector2 itemLocation
float itemRotation
int itemTime
int itemTimeMax
int itemWidth
int jump
bool jumpBoost
float jumpSpeedBoost
bool JustDroppedAnItem
bool justJumped
bool kbBuff
bool kbGlove
bool killClothier
bool killGuide
double ladyBugLuckTimeLeft
Vector2 lastBoost = Vector2.Zero
int lastChest
int lastCreatureHit = -1
Vector2 lastDeathPostion
DateTime lastDeathTime
bool lastMouseInterface
int lastPortalColorIndex
bool lastStoned
int lastTeleportPylonStyleUsed
int lastTileRangeX
int lastTileRangeY
long lastTimePlayerWasSaved
Item lastVisualizedSelectedItem
int lavaCD
bool lavaImmune
int lavaMax
bool lavaRose
int lavaTime
int leftTimer
Rectangle legFrame
double legFrameCounter
Vector2 legPosition
float legRotation
int legs = -1
Vector2 legVelocity
bool leinforsHair
bool lifeForce
bool lifeMagnet
int lifeRegen
int lifeRegenCount
int lifeRegenTime
float lifeSteal = 99999f
bool lightOrb
bool lizard
int loadStatus
bool longInvince
int lostCoins
string lostCoinString = ""
bool loveStruck
float luck
float luckMaximumCap = 1f
float luckMinimumCap = -0.7f
bool luckNeedsSync
byte luckPotion
bool magicCuffs
bool magicLantern
bool magicQuiver
bool magmaStone
float manaCost = 1f
bool manaFlower
bool manaMagnet
int manaRegen
int manaRegenBonus
bool manaRegenBuff
int manaRegenCount
int manaRegenDelay
int manaRegenDelayBonus
bool manaSick
float manaSickReduction
bool mapAlphaDown
bool mapAlphaUp
bool mapFullScreen
bool mapStyle
bool mapZoomIn
bool mapZoomOut
float maxFallSpeed = 10f
int maxMinions = 1
float maxRegenDelay
float maxRunSpeed = 3f
int maxTurrets = 1
int maxTurretsOld = 1
byte meleeEnchant
bool meleeScaleGlove
float meleeSpeed
bool merman
bool minecartLeft
bool miniMinotaur
int MinionAttackTargetNPC = -1
float minionKB = 0f
Vector2 MinionRestTargetPoint = Vector2.Zero
int miscCounter
Item[] miscDyes = new Item[5]
Item[] miscEquips = new Item[5]
int miscTimer
bool moonLeech
bool moonLordLegs
Mount mount
float MountFishronSpecialCounter
bool mouseInterface
PlayerMovementAccsCache movementAbilitiesCache
float moveSpeed = 1f
int mushroomDelayTime = Item.mushroomDelay
string name = ""
float nearbyActiveNPCs
int nebulaCD
int nebulaLevelDamage
int nebulaLevelLife
int nebulaLevelMana
int nebulaManaCounter
sbyte neck = -1
bool netLife
int netLifeTime
bool netMana
int netManaTime
int netSkip
int nextCycledSpiderMinionType
bool nightVision
bool noBuilding
bool noFallDmg
bool noItems
bool noKnockback
int nonTorch = -1
int noThrow
bool[] npcTypeNoAggro = new bool[668]
int numMinions
bool oldAdjHoney
bool oldAdjLava
bool oldAdjWater
byte oldLuckPotion
int oldSelectItem
bool onFire
bool onFire2
bool onFire3
bool onFrostBurn
bool onFrostBurn2
bool onHitDodge
bool onHitPetal
bool onHitRegen
bool onHitTitaniumStorm
bool onTrack
bool onWrongGround
float opacityForCreditsRoll = 1f
bool outOfRange
BitsByte ownedLargeGems
int[] ownedProjectileCounts = new int[956]
bool palladiumRegen
bool panic
Color pantsColor = new Color(255, 230, 175)
bool parrot
bool parryDamageBuff
bool penguin
int petalTimer
bool petFlagBabyImp
bool petFlagBabyRedPanda
bool petFlagBabyShark
bool petFlagBabyWerewolf
bool petFlagBrainOfCthulhuPet
bool petFlagDD2BetsyPet
bool petFlagDD2Dragon
bool petFlagDD2Gato
bool petFlagDD2Ghost
bool petFlagDD2OgrePet
bool petFlagDestroyerPet
bool petFlagDukeFishronPet
bool petFlagDynamiteKitten
bool petFlagEaterOfWorldsPet
bool petFlagEverscreamPet
bool petFlagEyeOfCthulhuPet
bool petFlagFairyQueenPet
bool petFlagFennecFox
bool petFlagGlitteryButterfly
bool petFlagGolemPet
bool petFlagIceQueenPet
bool petFlagKingSlimePet
bool petFlagLilHarpy
bool petFlagLunaticCultistPet
bool petFlagMartianPet
bool petFlagMoonLordPet
bool petFlagPlanteraPet
bool petFlagPlantero
bool petFlagPumpkingPet
bool petFlagQueenBeePet
bool petFlagQueenSlimePet
bool petFlagShadowMimic
bool petFlagSkeletronPet
bool petFlagSkeletronPrimePet
bool petFlagSugarGlider
bool petFlagTwinsPet
bool petFlagUpbeatStar
bool petFlagVoltBunny
int phantasmTime
int phantomPhoneixCounter
float pickSpeed = 1f
bool pirateMinion
bool poisoned
PortableStoolUsage portableStoolInfo
bool portalPhysicsFlag
int potionDelay
int potionDelayTime = Item.potionDelay
Vector2? PotionOfReturnHomePosition
Vector2? PotionOfReturnOriginalUsePosition
bool poundRelease
bool powerrun
bool preventAllItemPickups
bool pStone
bool pulley
byte pulleyDir
int pulleyFrame
float pulleyFrameCounter
bool puppy
bool pvpDeath
bool pygmy
SelectionRadial QuicksRadial = new SelectionRadial(SelectionRadial.SelectionMode.RadialQuicks)
RabbitOrderFrameHelper rabbitOrderFrame
bool rabid
bool raven
bool redFairy
bool releaseCreativeMenu
bool releaseDown
bool releaseHook
bool releaseInventory
bool releaseJump
bool releaseLeft
bool releaseMapFullscreen
bool releaseMapStyle
bool releaseMount
bool releaseQuickHeal
bool releaseQuickMana
bool releaseRight
bool releaseSmart
bool releaseThrow
bool releaseUp
bool releaseUseItem
bool releaseUseTile
bool resistCold
int respawnTimer
int restorationDelayTime = Item.restorationDelay
int reuseDelay
int rightTimer
int rocketBoots
StatModifier rocketDamage = StatModifier.One
int rocketDelay
int rocketDelay2
bool rocketFrame
bool rocketRelease
int rocketSoundDelay
int rocketTime
int rocketTimeMax = 7
int ropeCount
bool rulerGrid
bool rulerLine
float runAcceleration = 0.08f
bool runningOnSand
float runSlowdown = 0.2f
int runSoundDelay
bool sailDash
bool sandStorm
bool sapling
SavedPlayerDataWithAnnoyingRules savedPerPlayerFieldsThatArentInThePlayerClass
bool scope
int selectedItem
bool setApprenticeT2
bool setApprenticeT3
string setBonus = ""
bool setForbidden
bool setForbiddenCooldownLocked
bool setHuntressT2
bool setHuntressT3
bool setMonkT2
bool setMonkT3
bool setNebula
bool setSolar
bool setSquireT2
bool setSquireT3
bool setStardust
bool setVortex
int shadowCount
int[] shadowDirection = new int[3]
bool shadowDodge
float shadowDodgeCount
int shadowDodgeTimer
Vector2[] shadowOrigin = new Vector2[3]
Vector2[] shadowPos = new Vector2[3]
float[] shadowRotation = new float[3]
bool sharknadoMinion
sbyte shield = -1
int shield_parry_cooldown
int shieldParryTimeLeft
bool shieldRaised
bool shinyStone
Color shirtColor = new Color(175, 165, 140)
sbyte shoe = -1
Color shoeColor = new Color(160, 105, 60)
bool showLastDeath
bool shroomiteStealth
int sign = -1
bool silence
PlayerSittingHelper sitting
bool skeletron
Color skinColor = new Color(255, 125, 90)
int skinDyePacked
int skinVariant
bool skipAnimatingValuesInPlayerFrame
bool skyStoneEffects
PlayerSleepingHelper sleeping
int slideDir
bool sliding
bool slime
bool slippy
bool slippy2
bool sloping
float slotsMinions
bool slow
bool slowFall
bool slowOgreSpit
bool smolstar
int snowBallLauncherInteractionCooldown
bool snowman
bool socialGhost
bool socialIgnoreLight
bool socialShadowRocketBoots
int solarCounter
bool solarDashConsumedFlare
bool solarDashing
Vector2[] solarShieldPos = new Vector2[3]
int solarShields
Vector2[] solarShieldVel = new Vector2[3]
bool sonarPotion
int soulDrain
bool spaceGun
bool spawnMax
int SpawnX = -1
int SpawnY = -1
float[] speedSlice = new float[60]
byte spelunkerTimer
int[] spI = new int[200]
bool spider
bool spiderArmor
bool spiderMinion
int spikedBoots
string[] spN = new string[200]
bool sporeSac
int[] spX = new int[200]
int[] spY = new int[200]
bool squashling
bool stairFall
int starCloakCooldown
Item starCloakItem
Item starCloakItem_beeCloakOverrideItem
Item starCloakItem_manaCloakOverrideItem
Item starCloakItem_starVeilOverrideItem
bool stardustDragon
bool stardustGuardian
bool stardustMinion
int statDefense
int statLife = 100
int statLifeMax = 100
int statLifeMax2 = 100
int statMana
int statManaMax
int statManaMax2
float stealth = 1f
int stealthTimer
int step = -1
float stepSpeed = 1f
bool sticky
int stickyBreak
bool stinky
bool stoned
bool stormTiger
int stringColor
bool strongBees
byte suffocateDelay
bool suffocating
bool sunflower
bool suspiciouslookingTentacle
int swimTime
sbyte tail = -1
int tankPet = -1
bool tankPetReset
int taxMoney
double taxTimer
int team
bool teleporting
int teleportStyle
float teleportTime
float thorns
bool tiki
PlayerInteractionAnchor tileEntityAnchor
bool tileInteractAttempted
bool tileInteractionHappened
float tileSpeed = 1f
int timeSinceLastDashStarted
bool tipsy
bool tongued
int toolTime
float torchLuck
List< Point > TouchedTiles = new List<Point>()
float townNPCs
float trackBoost
bool trapDebuffSource
Item trashItem = new Item()
bool treasureMagnet
bool trident
bool truffle
bool tryKeepingHoveringDown
bool tryKeepingHoveringUp
bool turtle
bool turtleArmor
bool turtleThorns
bool twinsMinion
bool UFOMinion
Color underShirtColor = new Color(160, 180, 215)
bool unlockedBiomeTorches
bool vampireFrog
int vanityRocketBoots
bool venom
int voidLensChest = -1
BitsByte voidVaultInfo
bool volatileGelatin
int volatileGelatinCounter
bool vortexDebuff
bool vortexStealthActive
sbyte waist = -1
float wallSpeed = 1f
bool waterWalk
bool waterWalk2
bool wearsRobe
bool webbed
bool wellFed
bool wereWolf
byte wetSlime
float whipRangeMultiplier
float whipUseTimeMultiplier
bool windPushed
float wingAccRunSpeed = -1f
int wingFrame
int wingFrameCounter
float wingRunAccelerationMult = 1f
int wings
int wingsLogic
float wingTime
int wingTimeMax
int wireOperationsCooldown
bool wisp
bool witheredArmor
bool witheredWeapon
bool wolfAcc
bool yoraiz0rDarkness
int yoraiz0rEye
bool yoyoGlove
bool yoyoString
bool zephyrfish
BitsByte zone1 = (byte)0
BitsByte zone2 = (byte)0
BitsByte zone3 = (byte)0
BitsByte zone4 = (byte)0
- Public Attributes inherited from Terraria.Entity
bool active
int direction = 1
int height
bool honeyWet
bool lavaWet
int oldDirection
Vector2 oldPosition
Vector2 oldVelocity
Vector2 position
Vector2 velocity
bool wet
byte wetCount
int whoAmI
int width

Static Public Attributes

static int BlockInteractionWithProjectiles = 3
const int ChairSittingMaxDistance = 40
static int crystalLeafDamage = 100
static int crystalLeafKB = 10
static bool deadForGood = false
static float defaultGravity = 0.4f
const int defaultHeight = 42
static int defaultItemGrabRange = 42
const int defaultWidth = 20
const int InitialAccSlotCount = 5
static int jumpHeight = 15
static float jumpSpeed = 5.01f
static bool lastPound = true
static float manaSickLessDmg = 0.25f
static int manaSickTime = 300
static int manaSickTimeMax = 600
const int maxSolarShields = 3
const int miscSlotCart = 2
const int miscSlotHook = 4
const int miscSlotLight = 1
const int miscSlotMount = 3
const int miscSlotPet = 0
static int musicNotes = 6
static int nameLen = 20
const int nebulaMaxLevel = 3
const int respawnTimerMax = 1800
const int SafeItemAnimationTimeForPreventingExploits = 20
const int shadowMax = 3
const int SupportedMiscSlotCount = 5
const int SupportedSlotsAccs = 7
const int SupportedSlotsArmor = 3
const int SupportedSlotSets = 10
static double taxRate = 3600
static int tileRangeX = 5
static int tileRangeY = 4
static int tileTargetX
static int tileTargetY


bool[] adjTile [get, set]
Vector2 BlehOldPositionFixer [get]
int breathCDMax [get]
bool CanBeTalkedTo [get]
bool CCed [get]
SceneEffectLoader.SceneEffectInstance CurrentSceneEffect = new SceneEffectLoader.SceneEffectInstance() [get, set]
 Container for current SceneEffect client properties such as: Backgrounds, music, and water styling More...
bool DeadOrGhost [get]
Vector2 DefaultSize [get]
Vector2 Directions [get]
bool HasMinionAttackTargetNPC [get]
bool HasMinionRestTarget [get]
int HeightMapOffset [get]
int HeightOffsetBoost [get]
float HeightOffsetHitboxCenter [get]
float HeightOffsetVisual [get]
Item HeldItem [get]
Rectangle HitboxForBestiaryNearbyCheck [get]
bool isLockedToATile [get]
bool IsVoidVaultEnabled [get, set]
bool ItemTimeIsZero [get]
bool Male [get, set]
static int MaxBuffs [get]
float miscCounterNormalized [get]
Vector2 MountedCenter [get, set]
bool MountFishronSpecial [get]
HashSet< int > NearbyModTorch = new HashSet<int>() [get]
float NormalizedLuck [get]
bool[] oldAdjTile [get, set]
bool PortalPhysicsEnabled [get]
bool ShouldFloatInWater [get]
bool ShouldNotDraw [get]
bool SlimeDontHyperJump [get]
int talkNPC [get]
bool TileReplacementEnabled [get]
bool TryingToHoverDown [get]
bool TryingToHoverUp [get]
bool? UsingBiomeTorches [get, set]
override Vector2 VisualPosition [get]
bool ZoneBeach [get, set]
bool ZoneCorrupt [get, set]
bool ZoneCrimson [get, set]
bool ZoneDesert [get, set]
bool ZoneDirtLayerHeight [get, set]
bool ZoneDungeon [get, set]
bool ZoneGemCave [get, set]
bool ZoneGlowshroom [get, set]
bool ZoneGranite [get, set]
bool ZoneGraveyard [get, set]
bool ZoneHallow [get, set]
bool ZoneHive [get, set]
bool ZoneJungle [get, set]
bool ZoneLihzhardTemple [get, set]
bool ZoneMarble [get, set]
bool ZoneMeteor [get, set]
bool ZoneOldOneArmy [get, set]
bool ZoneOverworldHeight [get, set]
bool ZonePeaceCandle [get, set]
bool ZonePurity = false [get, set]
 The zone property storing if the player is in the purity/forest biome. Updated in UpdateBiomes More...
bool ZoneRain [get, set]
bool ZoneRockLayerHeight [get, set]
bool ZoneSandstorm [get, set]
bool ZoneSkyHeight [get, set]
bool ZoneSnow [get, set]
bool ZoneTowerNebula [get, set]
bool ZoneTowerSolar [get, set]
bool ZoneTowerStardust [get, set]
bool ZoneTowerVortex [get, set]
bool ZoneUndergroundDesert [get, set]
bool ZoneUnderworldHeight [get, set]
bool ZoneWaterCandle [get, set]
- Properties inherited from Terraria.Entity
Vector2 Bottom [get, set]
Vector2 BottomLeft [get, set]
Vector2 BottomRight [get, set]
Vector2 Center [get, set]
Rectangle Hitbox [get, set]
Vector2 Left [get, set]
Vector2 Right [get, set]
Vector2 Size [get, set]
Vector2 Top [get, set]
Vector2 TopLeft [get, set]
Vector2 TopRight [get, set]
virtual Vector2 VisualPosition [get]

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetCritChance()

ref int Terraria.Player.GetCritChance ( DamageClass  damageClass)

Gets the crit modifier for this damage type on this player. This returns a reference, and as such, you can freely modify this method's return value with operators.

◆ GetCritChance< T >()

Gets the crit modifier for this damage type on this player. This returns a reference, and as such, you can freely modify this method's return value with operators.

Type Constraints
T :DamageClass 
T :ref 
T :GetCritChance 
T :ModContent.GetInstance<T>() 

◆ GetDamage()

ref StatModifier Terraria.Player.GetDamage ( DamageClass  damageClass)

Gets the damage modifier for this damage type on this player. This returns a reference, and as such, you can freely modify this method's return value with operators.

◆ GetDamage< T >()

Gets the damage modifier for this damage type on this player. This returns a reference, and as such, you can freely modify this method's return value with operators.

Type Constraints
T :DamageClass 
T :ref 
T :GetDamage 
T :ModContent.GetInstance<T>() 

◆ GetKnockback()

ref StatModifier Terraria.Player.GetKnockback ( DamageClass  damageClass)

Gets the knockback modifier for this damage type on this player. This returns a reference, and as such, you can freely modify this method's return value with operators.

◆ GetKnockback< T >()

Gets the knockback modifier for this damage type on this player. This returns a reference, and as such, you can freely modify this method's return value with operators.

Type Constraints
T :DamageClass 
T :ref 
T :GetKnockback 
T :ModContent.GetInstance<T>() 

◆ GetModPlayer< T >() [1/2]

T Terraria.Player.GetModPlayer< T > ( )

Gets the instance of the specified ModPlayer type. This will throw exceptions on failure.

Type Constraints
T :ModPlayer 
T :GetModPlayer 
T :ModContent.GetInstance<T>() 

◆ GetModPlayer< T >() [2/2]

T Terraria.Player.GetModPlayer< T > ( baseInstance)

Gets the local instance of the type of the specified ModPlayer instance. This will throw exceptions on failure.

Type Constraints
T :ModPlayer 
T :modPlayers 
T :baseInstance.index 
T :as 
T :T 
T :throw 
T :new 
T :KeyNotFoundException 
T :Instance 
T :of 

◆ HasBuff()

bool Terraria.Player.HasBuff ( int  type)

Returns whether or not this Player currently has a (de)buff of the provided type.

◆ InModBiome()

bool Terraria.Player.InModBiome ( ModBiome  baseInstance)

Determines if the player is in specified ModBiome. This will throw exceptions on failure.


◆ InZonePurity()

bool Terraria.Player.InZonePurity ( )

Calculates whether or not the player is in the purity/forest biome.

◆ QuickSpawnClonedItem()

void Terraria.Player.QuickSpawnClonedItem ( Item  item,
int  stack = 1 

Will spawn an item like QuickSpawnItem, but clones it (handy when you need to retain item infos)

itemThe item you want to be cloned
stackThe stack to give the item. Note that this will override maxStack if it's higher.

◆ UpdateVisibleAccessory()

void Terraria.Player.UpdateVisibleAccessory ( Item  item)

Won't work with yoraiz0rEye as effect needs target item slot.


Member Data Documentation

◆ builderAccStatus

int [] Terraria.Player.builderAccStatus
Initial value:
= new int[12] {

Property Documentation

◆ CurrentSceneEffect

SceneEffectLoader.SceneEffectInstance Terraria.Player.CurrentSceneEffect = new SceneEffectLoader.SceneEffectInstance()

Container for current SceneEffect client properties such as: Backgrounds, music, and water styling

◆ ZonePurity

bool Terraria.Player.ZonePurity = false

The zone property storing if the player is in the purity/forest biome. Updated in UpdateBiomes