tModLoader  0.12 Alpha
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Terraria.PopupText Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void Update (int whoAmI)

Static Public Member Functions

static void AssignAsSonarText (int sonarTextIndex)
static void ClearSonarText ()
static int NewText (AdvancedPopupRequest request, Vector2 position)
static int NewText (PopupTextContext context, int npcNetID, Vector2 position, bool stay5TimesLonger)
static int NewText (PopupTextContext context, Item newItem, int stack, bool noStack=false, bool longText=false)
static void ResetText (PopupText text)
static void UpdateItemText ()
static string ValueToName (int coinValue)

Public Attributes

bool active
float alpha
int alphaDir = 1
bool coinText
int coinValue
Color color
PopupTextContext context
bool expert
bool freeAdvanced
int lifeTime
bool master
string name
bool NoStack
int npcNetID
Vector2 position
int rarity
float rotation
float scale = 1f
bool sonar
int stack
Vector2 velocity

Static Public Attributes

static int activeTime = 60
static int numActive
static int sonarText = -1


bool notActuallyAnItem [get]
static float TargetScale [get]