tModLoader  0.12 Alpha
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Terraria.Social.Base.WorkshopSocialModule Class Referenceabstract

Inherits Terraria.Social.ISocialModule.

Inherited by Terraria.Social.Steam.WorkshopSocialModule.

Public Member Functions

abstract List< string > GetListOfMods ()
abstract List< string > GetListOfSubscribedResourcePackPaths ()
abstract List< string > GetListOfSubscribedWorldPaths ()
abstract void ImportDownloadedWorldToLocalSaves (WorldFileData world, string newFileName=null, string newDisplayName=null)
abstract void Initialize ()
abstract void LoadEarlyContent ()
abstract bool PublishMod (TmodFile modFile, NameValueCollection data, WorkshopItemPublishSettings settings)
abstract void PublishResourcePack (ResourcePack resourcePack, WorkshopItemPublishSettings settings)
abstract void PublishWorld (WorldFileData world, WorkshopItemPublishSettings settings)
abstract void Shutdown ()
abstract bool TryGetInfoForMod (TmodFile modFile, out FoundWorkshopEntryInfo info)
abstract bool TryGetInfoForResourcePack (ResourcePack resourcePack, out FoundWorkshopEntryInfo info)
abstract bool TryGetInfoForWorld (WorldFileData world, out FoundWorkshopEntryInfo info)
abstract bool TryGetPath (string pathEnd, out string fullPathFound)


WorkshopBranding Branding [get, protected set]
WorkshopIssueReporter IssueReporter [get, protected set]
AWorkshopProgressReporter ProgressReporter [get, protected set]
AWorkshopTagsCollection SupportedTags [get, protected set]