tModLoader  0.12 Alpha
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Terraria.Social.Steam.Lobby Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void Create (bool inviteOnly, CallResult< LobbyCreated_t >.APIDispatchDelegate callResult)
byte[] GetMessage (int index)
CSteamID GetUserByIndex (int index)
int GetUserCount ()
void Join (CSteamID lobbyId, CallResult< LobbyEnter_t >.APIDispatchDelegate callResult)
void Leave ()
void OpenInviteOverlay ()
bool SendMessage (byte[] data)
bool SendMessage (byte[] data, int length)
void Set (CSteamID lobbyId)
void SetPlayedWith (CSteamID userId)

Public Attributes

CSteamID Id = CSteamID.Nil
CSteamID Owner = CSteamID.Nil
LobbyState State