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Terraria.Social.Steam.NetServerSocialModule Class Reference

Inherits Terraria.Social.Steam.NetSocialModule.

Public Member Functions

override void CancelJoin ()
override bool CanInvite ()
override void Close (RemoteAddress address)
override void Connect (RemoteAddress address)
override ulong GetLobbyId ()
override void Initialize ()
override void LaunchLocalServer (Process process, ServerMode mode)
override void OpenInviteInterface ()
override bool StartListening (SocketConnectionAccepted callback)
override void StopListening ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Terraria.Social.Steam.NetSocialModule
override void Initialize ()
override bool IsConnected (RemoteAddress address)
override bool IsDataAvailable (RemoteAddress address)
override int Receive (RemoteAddress address, byte[] data, int offset, int length)
override bool Send (RemoteAddress address, byte[] data, int length)
override void Shutdown ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Terraria.Social.Steam.NetSocialModule
enum class  ConnectionState { Inactive , Authenticating , Connected }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Terraria.Social.Steam.NetSocialModule
 NetSocialModule (int readChannel, int writeChannel)
delegate void AsyncHandshake (CSteamID client)
P2PSessionState_t GetSessionState (CSteamID userId)
virtual void OnLobbyChatMessage (LobbyChatMsg_t result)
CSteamID RemoteAddressToSteamId (RemoteAddress address)
- Protected Attributes inherited from Terraria.Social.Steam.NetSocialModule
ConcurrentDictionary< CSteamID, ConnectionState > _connectionStateMap = new ConcurrentDictionary<CSteamID, ConnectionState>()
Lobby _lobby = new Lobby()
SteamP2PReader _reader
object _steamLock = new object()
SteamP2PWriter _writer
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from Terraria.Social.Steam.NetSocialModule
static readonly byte[] _handshake
const int ClientReadChannel = 2
const ushort GamePort = 27005
const int LobbyMessageJoin = 1
const ushort QueryPort = 27007
const int ServerReadChannel = 1
const ushort SteamPort = 27006