tModLoader  0.12 Alpha
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Terraria.Tile Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Tile (Tile copy)
void Clear (TileDataType types)
void ClearEverything ()
void ClearTile ()
object Clone ()
void CopyFrom (Tile from)
bool HasSameSlope (Tile tile)
bool IsTheSameAs (Tile other)
void ResetToType (ushort type)
override string ToString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void SmoothSlope (int x, int y, bool applyToNeighbors=true, bool sync=false)

Public Attributes

byte bTileHeader
byte bTileHeader2
byte bTileHeader3
short frameX
short frameY
ushort sTileHeader
ushort type
ushort wall


BlockType? BlockType [get, set]
bool BlueWire [get, set]
bool CheckingLiquid [get, set]
int CollisionType [get]
byte Color [get, set]
byte FrameNumber [get, set]
bool GreenWire [get, set]
bool HasActuator [get, set]
bool IsActive [get, set]
bool IsActiveUnactuated [get]
bool IsActuated [get, set]
bool IsHalfBlock [get, set]
byte LiquidAmount [get, set]
int LiquidType [get, set]
bool RedWire [get, set]
bool SkipLiquid [get, set]
SlopeType Slope [get, set]
byte WallColor [get, set]
byte WallFrameNumber [get, set]
int WallFrameX [get, set]
int WallFrameY [get, set]
bool YellowWire [get, set]