tModLoader  0.12 Alpha
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Terraria.UI.ChestUI Class Reference


class  ButtonID

Static Public Member Functions

static void DepositAll ()
static void Draw (SpriteBatch spritebatch)
static void GetContainerUsageInfo (out bool sync, out Item[] chestinv)
static bool IsBlockedFromTransferIntoChest (Item item, Item[] container)
static void LootAll ()
static void MoveCoins (Item[] pInv, Item[] cInv)
static void QuickStack ()
static void RenameChest ()
static void RenameChestCancel ()
static void RenameChestSubmit (Player player)
static void Restock ()
static bool TryPlacingInChest (Item I, bool justCheck)
static bool TryPlacingInPlayer (int slot, bool justCheck)
static void UpdateHover (int ID, bool hovering)

Static Public Attributes

static bool[] ButtonHovered = new bool[7]
static float[] ButtonScale = new float[7]
const float buttonScaleMaximum = 1f
const float buttonScaleMinimum = 0.75f