tModLoader  0.12 Alpha
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Terraria.GameContent.PlayerSleepingHelper Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

void GetSleepingOffsetInfo (Player player, out Vector2 posOffset)
void SetIsSleepingAndAdjustPlayerRotation (Player player, bool state)
void StartSleeping (Player player, int x, int y)
void StopSleeping (Player player, bool multiplayerBroadcast=true)
void UpdateState (Player player)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool GetSleepingTargetInfo (int x, int y, out int targetDirection, out Vector2 anchorPosition, out Vector2 visualoffset)

Public Attributes

bool isSleeping
int sleepingIndex
int timeSleeping
Vector2 visualOffsetOfBedBase

Static Public Attributes

const int BedSleepingMaxDistance = 96
const int TimeToFullyFallAsleep = 120


bool FullyFallenAsleep [get]