tModLoader v2022.09
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Terraria.GameContent.Personalities.DungeonBiome Class Reference

Inherits Terraria.GameContent.Personalities.AShoppingBiome.

Public Member Functions

override bool IsInBiome (Player player)
abstract bool IsInBiome (Player player)
bool IsInBiome (Player player)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Terraria.ModLoader.ILoadable
virtual bool IsLoadingEnabled (Mod mod)
 Whether or not this type should be loaded when it's told to. Returning false disables Mod.AddContent from actually loading this type. More...
abstract void Load (Mod mod)
 Called when loading the type. More...
abstract void Unload ()
 Called during unloading when needed. More...

Additional Inherited Members

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string NameKey [get, protected set]
- Properties inherited from Terraria.GameContent.Personalities.IShoppingBiome
string NameKey [get]

Member Function Documentation

◆ IsInBiome()

override bool Terraria.GameContent.Personalities.DungeonBiome.IsInBiome ( Player  player)