tModLoader v2022.09
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Terraria.GameContent.Tile_Entities.TEHatRack Class Reference

Inherits TileEntity.

Public Member Functions

bool ContainsItems ()
void Draw (int tileLeftX, int tileTopY)
override TileEntity GenerateInstance ()
override string GetItemGamepadInstructions (int slot=0)
override bool IsTileValidForEntity (int x, int y)
override void LoadData (TagCompound tag)
override void NetPlaceEntityAttempt (int x, int y)
override void NetReceive (BinaryReader reader)
override void NetSend (BinaryWriter writer)
override void OnInventoryDraw (Player player, SpriteBatch spriteBatch)
override void OnPlayerUpdate (Player player)
override bool OverrideItemSlotHover (Item[] inv, int context=0, int slot=0)
override bool OverrideItemSlotLeftClick (Item[] inv, int context=0, int slot=0)
override void ReadExtraData (BinaryReader reader, bool networkSend)
void ReadItem (int itemIndex, BinaryReader reader, bool dye)
override void RegisterTileEntityID (int assignedID)
override void SaveData (TagCompound tag)
override string ToString ()
override bool TryGetItemGamepadOverrideInstructions (Item[] inv, int context, int slot, out string instruction)
override void WriteExtraData (BinaryWriter writer, bool networkSend)
void WriteItem (int itemIndex, BinaryWriter writer, bool dye)

Static Public Member Functions

static int Find (int x, int y)
static bool FitsHatRack (Item item)
static void Framing_CheckTile (int callX, int callY)
static int Hook_AfterPlacement (int x, int y, int type=475, int style=0, int direction=1, int alternate=0)
static bool IsBreakable (int clickX, int clickY)
static void Kill (int x, int y)
static void OnPlayerInteraction (Player player, int clickX, int clickY)
static int Place (int x, int y)