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Terraria.GameInput.PlayerInputProfile Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 PlayerInputProfile (string name)
void ConditionalAdd (Dictionary< string, object > dicttouse, string a, object b, Func< PlayerInputProfile, bool > check)
void ConditionalAddProfile (Dictionary< string, object > dicttouse, string k, InputMode nm, Dictionary< string, List< string > > dict)
void CopyGamepadAdvancedSettingsFrom (PlayerInputProfile profile, InputMode mode)
void CopyGamepadSettingsFrom (PlayerInputProfile profile, InputMode mode)
void CopyGameplaySettingsFrom (PlayerInputProfile profile, InputMode mode)
void CopyHotbarSettingsFrom (PlayerInputProfile profile, InputMode mode)
void CopyIndividualModKeybindSettingsFrom (PlayerInputProfile profile, InputMode mode, string uniqueName)
void CopyMapSettingsFrom (PlayerInputProfile profile, InputMode mode)
void CopyModKeybindSettingsFrom (PlayerInputProfile profile, InputMode mode)
void Initialize (PresetProfiles style)
bool Load (Dictionary< string, object > dict)
Dictionary< string, object > Save ()
bool UsingDpadHotbar ()
bool UsingDpadMovekeys ()

Public Attributes

bool AllowEditting = true
int HotbarRadialHoldTimeRequired = 16
Dictionary< InputMode, KeyConfigurationInputModes
float InterfaceDeadzoneX = 0.2f
int InventoryMoveCD = 6
float LeftThumbstickDeadzoneX = 0.25f
float LeftThumbstickDeadzoneY = 0.4f
bool LeftThumbstickInvertX
bool LeftThumbstickInvertY
string Name = ""
float RightThumbstickDeadzoneX
float RightThumbstickDeadzoneY
bool RightThumbstickInvertX
bool RightThumbstickInvertY
float TriggersDeadzone = 0.3f


bool HotbarAllowsRadial [get]
string ShowName [get]

Member Data Documentation

◆ InputModes

Dictionary<InputMode, KeyConfiguration> Terraria.GameInput.PlayerInputProfile.InputModes
Initial value:
= new Dictionary<InputMode, KeyConfiguration> {
{ InputMode.Keyboard, new KeyConfiguration() },
{ InputMode.KeyboardUI, new KeyConfiguration() },
{ InputMode.XBoxGamepad, new KeyConfiguration() },
{ InputMode.XBoxGamepadUI, new KeyConfiguration() } }
Definition: KeyConfiguration.cs:8