tModLoader v2024.03
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
AWorkshopEntry Class Reference

Inherited by ModWorkshopEntry, TexturePackWorkshopEntry, and WorldWorkshopEntry.

Static Public Member Functions

static string ReadHeader (string jsonText)
static bool TryReadingManifest (string filePath, out FoundWorkshopEntryInfo info)

Static Public Attributes

const string ContentTypeName_ResourcePack = "ResourcePack"
const string ContentTypeName_World = "World"
const int CurrentWorkshopPublishVersion = 1

Static Protected Member Functions

static string CreateHeaderJson (string contentTypeName, ulong workshopEntryId, string[] tags, WorkshopItemPublicSettingId publicity, string previewImagePath)
static bool TryGet< T > (Dictionary< string, object > dict, string name, out T outputValue)

Static Protected Attributes

const string ContentTypeJsonCategoryField = "ContentType"
const string HeaderFileName = "Workshop.json"
const string PreviewImageField = "PreviewImagePath"
const string PublictyField = "Publicity"
static readonly JsonSerializerSettings SerializerSettings
const string TagsField = "Tags"
const string WorkshopEntryField = "SteamEntryId"
const string WorkshopPublishedVersionField = "WorkshopPublishedVersion"

Member Data Documentation

◆ SerializerSettings

readonly JsonSerializerSettings AWorkshopEntry.SerializerSettings
Initial value:
= new JsonSerializerSettings {
TypeNameHandling = TypeNameHandling.None,
MetadataPropertyHandling = MetadataPropertyHandling.ReadAhead,
Formatting = Formatting.Indented