tModLoader v2024.04
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Achievement Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Achievement (string name)
delegate void AchievementCompleted (Achievement achievement)
void AddCondition (AchievementCondition condition)
void AddConditions (params AchievementCondition[] conditions)
void ClearProgress ()
void ClearTracker ()
AchievementCondition GetCondition (string conditionName)
IAchievementTracker GetTracker ()
void Load (Dictionary< string, JObject > conditions)
void SetCategory (AchievementCategory category)
void UseConditionsCompletedTracker ()
void UseConditionsCompletedTracker (params string[] conditions)
void UseTrackerFromCondition (string conditionName)

Public Attributes

readonly LocalizedText Description
readonly LocalizedText FriendlyName
readonly int Id = _totalAchievements++
readonly string Name


AchievementCategory Category [get]
bool HasTracker [get]
bool IsCompleted [get]


AchievementCompleted OnCompleted