tModLoader v2024.05
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
AchievementsHelper Class Reference

Public Member Functions

delegate void ItemCraftEvent (short itemId, int count)
delegate void ItemPickupEvent (Player player, short itemId, int count)
delegate void NPCKilledEvent (Player player, short npcId)
delegate void ProgressionEventEvent (int eventID)
delegate void TileDestroyedEvent (Player player, ushort tileId)

Static Public Member Functions

static void CheckMechaMayhem (int justKilled=-1)
static void HandleAnglerService ()
static void HandleMining ()
static void HandleNurseService (int coinsSpent)
static void HandleOnEquip (Player player, Item item, int context)
static void HandleRunning (float pixelsMoved)
static void HandleSpecialEvent (Player player, int eventID)
static void Initialize ()
static void NotifyItemCraft (Recipe recipe)
static void NotifyItemPickup (Player player, Item item)
static void NotifyItemPickup (Player player, Item item, int customStack)
static void NotifyNPCKilled (NPC npc)
static void NotifyNPCKilledDirect (Player player, int npcNetID)
static void NotifyProgressionEvent (int eventID)
static void NotifyTileDestroyed (Player player, ushort tile)


static bool CurrentlyMining [get, set]


static ItemCraftEvent OnItemCraft
static ItemPickupEvent OnItemPickup
static NPCKilledEvent OnNPCKilled
static ProgressionEventEvent OnProgressionEvent
static TileDestroyedEvent OnTileDestroyed