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CoinLossRevengeSystem.RevengeMarker Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 RevengeMarker (Vector2 coords, int npcNetId, float npcHPPercent, int npcType, int npcAiStyle, int coinValue, float baseValue, bool spawnedFromStatue, int gameTime, int uniqueID=-1)
bool DrawMapIcon (SpriteBatch spriteBatch, Vector2 mapTopLeft, Vector2 mapX2Y2AndOff, Rectangle? mapRect, float mapScale, float drawScale, int gameTime)
bool Intersects (Rectangle rectInner, Rectangle rectOuter)
bool IsExpired (int gameTime)
bool IsInvalid ()
void SetRespawnAttemptLock (bool state)
void SetToExpire ()
void SpawnEnemy ()
void UseMouseOver (SpriteBatch spriteBatch, ref string mouseTextString, float drawScale=1f)
bool WouldNPCBeDiscouraged (Player playerTarget)
void WriteSelfTo (BinaryWriter writer)

Static Public Attributes

static readonly Vector2 EnemyBoxSize = new Vector2(2160f, 1440f)


bool RespawnAttemptLocked [get]
int UniqueID [get]