tModLoader v2024.05
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CreativePowersHelper Class Reference


class  CreativePowerIconLocations

Static Public Member Functions

static void AddDescriptionIfNeeded (ref string originalText, string descriptionKey)
static void AddPermissionTextIfNeeded (ICreativePower power, ref string originalText)
static void AddUnlockTextIfNeeded (ref string originalText, bool needed, string descriptionKey)
static GroupOptionButton< T > CreateCategoryButton< T > (CreativePowerUIElementRequestInfo info, T option, T currentOption)
static GroupOptionButton< bool > CreateSimpleButton (CreativePowerUIElementRequestInfo info)
static UIVerticalSlider CreateSlider (Func< float > GetSliderValueMethod, Action< float > SetValueKeyboardMethod, Action SetValueGamepadMethod)
static GroupOptionButton< bool > CreateToggleButton (CreativePowerUIElementRequestInfo info)
static UIImageFramed GetIconImage (Point iconLocation)
static bool IsAvailableForPlayer (ICreativePower power, int playerIndex)
static void UpdateUnlockStateByPower (ICreativePower power, UIElement button, Color colorWhenSelected)
static void UpdateUseMouseInterface (UIElement affectedElement)

Static Public Attributes

static Color CommonSelectedColor = new Color(152, 175, 235)
const int TextureIconColumns = 21
const int TextureIconRows = 1

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateCategoryButton< T >()

static GroupOptionButton< T > CreativePowersHelper.CreateCategoryButton< T > ( CreativePowerUIElementRequestInfo  info,
Type Constraints
T :IConvertible 
T :IEquatable<T>