tModLoader v2024.04
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
DD2Event Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static void AnnounceGoblinDeath (NPC n)
static void AttemptToSkipWaitTime ()
static bool CanRaiseGoblinsHere (Vector2 spot)
static void CheckProgress (int slainMonsterID)
static void ClearAllDD2EnergyCrystalsInChests ()
static void ClearAllDD2EnergyCrystalsInGame ()
static void ClearAllDD2HostilesInGame ()
static void ClearAllTowersInGame ()
static void DropMedals (int numberOfMedals)
static void FailureMessage (int client)
static void FindArenaHitbox ()
static bool IsStandActive (int x, int y)
static void Load (BinaryReader reader, int gameVersionNumber)
static void LoseInvasionMessage ()
static void RaiseGoblins (NPC caller, Vector2 spot)
static void ReportEventProgress ()
static void ReportLoss ()
static void RequestToSkipWaitTime (int x, int y)
static void ResetProgressEntirely ()
static void Save (BinaryWriter writer)
static bool ShouldBlockBuilding (Vector2 worldPosition)
static bool ShouldDropCrystals ()
static void SpawnMonsterFromGate (Vector2 gateBottom)
static void SpawnNPC (ref int newNPC)
static void StartInvasion (int difficultyOverride=-1)
static void StartVictoryScene ()
static void StopInvasion (bool win=false)
static void SummonCrystal (int x, int y, int whoAsks)
static void SummonCrystalDirect (int x, int y, int whoAsks)
static void SyncInvasionProgress (int toWho)
static void UpdateTime ()
static void WipeEntities ()
static bool WouldFailSpawningHere (int x, int y)

Static Public Attributes

static Rectangle ArenaHitbox
static bool DownedInvasionT1
static bool DownedInvasionT2
static bool DownedInvasionT3
static int LaneSpawnRate = 60
static bool LostThisRun
static bool Ongoing
static int OngoingDifficulty
static bool WonThisRun


static bool DownedInvasionAnyDifficulty [get]
static bool EnemiesShouldChasePlayers [get]
static bool EnemySpawningIsOnHold [get]
static bool ReadyForTier2 [get]
static bool ReadyForTier3 [get]
static bool ReadyToFindBartender [get]
static int TimeLeftBetweenWaves [get, set]