tModLoader v2024.05
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Film Class Reference

Inherited by DD2Film, and DSTFilm.

Public Member Functions

void AddKeyFrame (int frame, FrameEvent frameEvent)
void AddKeyFrames (int frame, params FrameEvent[] frameEvents)
void AddSequence (int start, int duration, FrameEvent frameEvent)
void AddSequences (int start, int duration, params FrameEvent[] frameEvents)
void AppendEmptySequence (int duration)
void AppendKeyFrame (FrameEvent frameEvent)
void AppendKeyFrames (params FrameEvent[] frameEvents)
void AppendSequence (int duration, FrameEvent frameEvent)
void AppendSequences (int duration, params FrameEvent[] frameEvents)
virtual void OnBegin ()
virtual void OnEnd ()
bool OnUpdate (GameTime gameTime)


int AppendPoint [get]
int Frame [get]
int FrameCount [get]
bool IsActive [get]