tModLoader v2024.04
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Game Class Reference

Inherits IDisposable.

Inherited by Main.

Public Member Functions

void Dispose ()
void Exit ()
void ResetElapsedTime ()
void Run ()
void RunOneFrame ()
void SuppressDraw ()
void Tick ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool BeginDraw ()
virtual void BeginRun ()
virtual void Dispose (bool disposing)
virtual void Draw (GameTime gameTime)
virtual void EndDraw ()
virtual void EndRun ()
virtual void Initialize ()
virtual void LoadContent ()
virtual void OnActivated (object sender, EventArgs args)
virtual void OnDeactivated (object sender, EventArgs args)
virtual void OnExiting (object sender, EventArgs args)
virtual bool ShowMissingRequirementMessage (Exception exception)
virtual void UnloadContent ()
virtual void Update (GameTime gameTime)


GameComponentCollection Components [get]
ContentManager Content [get, set]
GraphicsDevice GraphicsDevice [get]
TimeSpan InactiveSleepTime [get, set]
bool IsActive [get]
bool IsFixedTimeStep [get, set]
bool IsMouseVisible [get, set]
LaunchParameters LaunchParameters [get]
GameServiceContainer Services [get]
TimeSpan TargetElapsedTime [get, set]
GameWindow Window [get]


EventHandler< EventArgs > Activated
EventHandler< EventArgs > Deactivated
EventHandler< EventArgs > Disposed
EventHandler< EventArgs > Exiting