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GenCondition Class Referenceabstract

Inherits GenBase.

Inherited by Conditions.Continue, Conditions.HasLava, Conditions.IsSolid, Conditions.IsTile, Conditions.MysticSnake, and Conditions.NotNull.

Public Member Functions

GenCondition AreaAnd (int width, int height)
GenCondition AreaOr (int width, int height)
bool IsValid (int x, int y)
GenCondition Not ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from GenBase
delegate bool CustomPerUnitAction (int x, int y, params object[] args)

Protected Member Functions

abstract bool CheckValidity (int x, int y)

Additional Inherited Members

- Properties inherited from GenBase
static UnifiedRandom _random [get]
static ref Tilemap _tiles [get]
static int _worldHeight [get]
static int _worldWidth [get]