tModLoader v2024.05
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
GolfHelper Class Reference


struct  ClubProperties
class  ContactListener
struct  ShotStrength

Static Public Member Functions

static ShotStrength CalculateShotStrength (Projectile golfHelper, Entity golfBall)
static ShotStrength CalculateShotStrength (Vector2 shotVector, ClubProperties clubProperties)
static void DrawPredictionLine (Entity golfBall, Vector2 impactVelocity, float chargeProgress, float roughLandResistance)
static Projectile FindGolfBallForHelper (Projectile golfHelper)
static Projectile FindHelperFromGolfBall (Projectile golfBall)
static Vector2 FindVectorOnOval (Vector2 vector, Vector2 radius)
static ClubProperties GetClubProperties (short itemId)
static ClubProperties GetClubPropertiesFromGolfHelper (Projectile golfHelper)
static void HitGolfBall (Entity entity, Vector2 velocity, float roughLandResistance)
static bool IsGolfBallResting (Projectile golfBall)
static bool IsGolfShotValid (Entity golfBall, Player player)
static bool IsPlayerHoldingClub (Player player)
static BallStepResult StepGolfBall (Entity entity, ref float angularVelocity)
static bool ValidateShot (Entity golfBall, Player player, ref Vector2 shotVector)

Static Public Attributes

static readonly ContactListener Listener = new ContactListener()
static readonly PhysicsProperties PhysicsProperties = new PhysicsProperties(0.3f, 0.99f)
const int PointsNeededForLevel1 = 500
const int PointsNeededForLevel2 = 1000
const int PointsNeededForLevel3 = 2000
static FancyGolfPredictionLine PredictionLine