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HairShaderData Class Reference

Inherits ShaderData.

Inherited by LegacyHairShaderData, and TwilightHairDyeShaderData.

Public Member Functions

 HairShaderData (Ref< Effect > shader, string passName)
virtual void Apply (Player player, DrawData? drawData=null)
virtual Color GetColor (Player player, Color lightColor)
HairShaderData UseColor (Color color)
HairShaderData UseColor (float r, float g, float b)
HairShaderData UseColor (Vector3 color)
HairShaderData UseImage (Asset< Texture2D > asset)
HairShaderData UseImage (string path)
HairShaderData UseOpacity (float alpha)
HairShaderData UseSaturation (float saturation)
HairShaderData UseSecondaryColor (Color color)
HairShaderData UseSecondaryColor (float r, float g, float b)
HairShaderData UseSecondaryColor (Vector3 color)
HairShaderData UseTargetPosition (Vector2 position)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ShaderData
 ShaderData (Ref< Effect > shader, string passName)
virtual void Apply ()
void SwapProgram (string passName)

Protected Attributes

bool _shaderDisabled
Vector3 _uColor = Vector3.One
Asset< Texture2D > _uImage
float _uOpacity = 1f
float _uSaturation = 1f
Vector3 _uSecondaryColor = Vector3.One


bool ShaderDisabled [get]
- Properties inherited from ShaderData
Effect Shader [get]