tModLoader v2024.03
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ItemDropDatabase Class Reference

Public Member Functions

List< IItemDropRuleGetRulesForItemID (int itemID)
List< IItemDropRuleGetRulesForNPCID (int npcNetId, bool includeGlobalDrops=true)
void Populate ()
void PrepareNPCNetIDsByTypeDictionary ()
IItemDropRule RegisterToGlobal (IItemDropRule entry)
IItemDropRule RegisterToItem (int type, IItemDropRule entry)
void RegisterToItemId (int itemId, IItemDropRule entry)
IItemDropRule RegisterToMultipleItems (IItemDropRule entry, params int[] itemIds)
IItemDropRule RegisterToMultipleNPCs (IItemDropRule entry, params int[] npcNetIds)
IItemDropRule RegisterToMultipleNPCsNotRemixSeed (IItemDropRule entry, params int[] npcNetIds)
IItemDropRule RegisterToMultipleNPCsRemixSeed (IItemDropRule entry, params int[] npcNetIds)
IItemDropRule RegisterToNPC (int type, IItemDropRule entry)
void RegisterToNPCNetId (int npcNetId, IItemDropRule entry)
IItemDropRule RemoveFromItem (int type, IItemDropRule entry)
IItemDropRule RemoveFromMultipleNPCs (IItemDropRule entry, params int[] npcNetIds)
IItemDropRule RemoveFromNPC (int type, IItemDropRule entry)
void RemoveFromNPCNetId (int npcNetId, IItemDropRule entry)
void TrimDuplicateRulesForNegativeIDs ()