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ItemDropWithConditionRule Class Reference

Inherits CommonDrop.

Public Member Functions

 ItemDropWithConditionRule (int itemId, int chanceDenominator, int amountDroppedMinimum, int amountDroppedMaximum, IItemDropRuleCondition condition, int chanceNumerator=1)
override bool CanDrop (DropAttemptInfo info)
override void ReportDroprates (List< DropRateInfo > drops, DropRateInfoChainFeed ratesInfo)
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 CommonDrop (int itemId, int chanceDenominator, int amountDroppedMinimum=1, int amountDroppedMaximum=1, int chanceNumerator=1)
virtual bool CanDrop (DropAttemptInfo info)
virtual void ReportDroprates (List< DropRateInfo > drops, DropRateInfoChainFeed ratesInfo)
virtual ItemDropAttemptResult TryDroppingItem (DropAttemptInfo info)
bool CanDrop (DropAttemptInfo info)
void ReportDroprates (List< DropRateInfo > drops, DropRateInfoChainFeed ratesInfo)
ItemDropAttemptResult TryDroppingItem (DropAttemptInfo info)

Public Attributes

IItemDropRuleCondition condition
- Public Attributes inherited from CommonDrop
int amountDroppedMaximum
int amountDroppedMinimum
int chanceDenominator
int chanceNumerator
int itemId

Additional Inherited Members

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List< IItemDropRuleChainAttemptChainedRules [get]
- Properties inherited from IItemDropRule
List< IItemDropRuleChainAttemptChainedRules [get]

Member Function Documentation

◆ CanDrop()

override bool ItemDropWithConditionRule.CanDrop ( DropAttemptInfo  info)

Reimplemented from CommonDrop.

◆ ReportDroprates()

override void ItemDropWithConditionRule.ReportDroprates ( List< DropRateInfo drops,
DropRateInfoChainFeed  ratesInfo 

Reimplemented from CommonDrop.