tModLoader v2024.04
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
LanguageManager Class Reference

Public Member Functions

int EstimateWordCount ()
bool Exists (string key)
LocalizedText[] FindAll (LanguageSearchFilter filter)
LocalizedText[] FindAll (Regex regex)
int GetCategorySize (string name)
List< string > GetKeysInCategory (string categoryName)
List< string > GetLocalizedEntriesInCategory (string categoryName)
LocalizedText GetOrRegister (string key, Func< string > makeDefaultValue=null)
LocalizedText GetText (string key)
string GetTextValue (string key)
string GetTextValue (string key, object arg0)
string GetTextValue (string key, object arg0, object arg1)
string GetTextValue (string key, object arg0, object arg1, object arg2)
string GetTextValue (string key, params object[] args)
LocalizedText IndexedFromCategory (string categoryName, int index)
void LoadLanguageFromFileTextCsv (string fileText)
void LoadLanguageFromFileTextJson (string fileText, bool canCreateCategories)
LocalizedText RandomFromCategory (string categoryName, UnifiedRandom random=null)
LocalizedText SelectRandom (LanguageSearchFilter filter, UnifiedRandom random=null)
void SetFallbackCulture (GameCulture culture)
void SetLanguage (GameCulture culture)
void SetLanguage (int legacyId)
void SetLanguage (string cultureName)
void UseSources (List< IContentSource > sourcesFromLowestToHighest)

Static Public Attributes

static LanguageManager Instance = new LanguageManager()


GameCulture ActiveCulture [get]


LanguageChangeCallback OnLanguageChanged
LanguageChangeCallback OnLanguageChanging