tModLoader v2024.03
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
LightMap Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void Blur ()
void Clear ()
void GetLight (int x, int y, out Vector3 color)
LightMaskMode GetMask (int x, int y)
void SetMaskAt (int x, int y, LightMaskMode mode)
void SetSize (int width, int height)


int Height [get]
float LightDecayThroughAir [get, set]
Vector3 LightDecayThroughHoney [get, set]
float LightDecayThroughSolid [get, set]
Vector3 LightDecayThroughWater [get, set]
int NonVisiblePadding [get, set]
Vector3 this[int x, int y] [get, set]
int Width [get]