tModLoader v2024.05
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
MapHelper Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static MapTile CreateMapTile (int i, int j, byte Light)
static Color GetMapTileXnaColor (ref MapTile tile)
static void GetTileBaseOption (int x, int y, int tileType, Tile tileCache, ref int baseOption)
static bool HasOption (int tileType, int option)
static void Initialize ()
static void LoadMapVersion1 (BinaryReader fileIO, int release)
static void LoadMapVersion2 (BinaryReader fileIO, int release)
static int LookupCount ()
static void ResetMapData ()
static void SaveMap ()
static int TileToLookup (int tileType, int option)

Static Public Attributes

const int drawLoopMilliseconds = 5
static int maxUpdateTile = 1000
static bool noStatusText = false
static int numUpdateTile = 0
static ushort[] tileLookup
static int[] tileOptionCounts
static short[] updateTileX = new short[maxUpdateTile]
static short[] updateTileY = new short[maxUpdateTile]
static ushort[] wallLookup
static int[] wallOptionCounts