tModLoader v2024.05
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
ModNet Class Reference


class  ModHeader
class  NetConfig

Static Public Member Functions

static void Debug (int whoAmI, string s)
static void Debug (RemoteAddress addr, string s)
static void Debug (string s)
static void Error (int whoAmI, string s, Exception e=null)
static void Error (RemoteAddress addr, string s, Exception e=null)
static void Error (string s, Exception e=null)
static Mod GetMod (int netID)
static bool IsModdedClient (int i)
static void Log (int whoAmI, string s)
static void Log (RemoteAddress addr, string s)
static void Log (string s)
static void LogSend (int toClient, int ignoreClient, string s, int len)
static void Warn (int whoAmI, string s)
static void Warn (RemoteAddress addr, string s)
static void Warn (string s)

Static Public Attributes

static bool DetailedLogging = Program.LaunchParameters.ContainsKey("-detailednetlog")


static bool AllowVanillaClients [get, set]
static int NetModCount [get]