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MushroomHouseBuilder Class Reference

Inherits HouseBuilder.

Public Member Functions

 MushroomHouseBuilder (IEnumerable< Rectangle > rooms)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HouseBuilder
virtual void Place (HouseBuilderContext context, StructureMap structures)

Protected Member Functions

override void AgeRoom (Rectangle room)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from HouseBuilder
 HouseBuilder (HouseType type, IEnumerable< Rectangle > rooms)
virtual void AgeRoom (Rectangle room)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from HouseBuilder
readonly bool IsValid
readonly HouseType Type
- Static Public Attributes inherited from HouseBuilder
static readonly HouseBuilder Invalid = new HouseBuilder()
- Protected Attributes inherited from HouseBuilder
ushort[] SkipTilesDuringWallAging
- Properties inherited from HouseBuilder
ushort BeamType [get, protected set]
int BookcaseStyle [get, protected set]
Rectangle BottomRoom [get]
int ChairStyle [get, protected set]
double ChestChance [get, set]
int ChestStyle [get, protected set]
int DoorStyle [get, protected set]
int PianoStyle [get, protected set]
int PlatformStyle [get, protected set]
ReadOnlyCollection< Rectangle > Rooms [get]
int TableStyle [get, protected set]
ushort TileType [get, protected set]
Rectangle TopRoom [get]
bool UsesContainers2 [get, protected set]
bool UsesTables2 [get, protected set]
ushort WallType [get, protected set]
int WorkbenchStyle [get, protected set]

Member Function Documentation

◆ AgeRoom()

override void MushroomHouseBuilder.AgeRoom ( Rectangle  room)

Reimplemented from HouseBuilder.