tModLoader v2024.05
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
PortalHelper Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static Color GetPortalColor (int colorIndex)
static Color GetPortalColor (int player, int portal)
static bool SupportedTilesAreFine (Vector2 portalCenter, float portalAngle)
static void SyncPortalSections (Vector2 portalPosition, int fluff)
static void SyncPortalsOnPlayerJoin (int plr, int fluff, List< Point > dontInclude, out List< Point > portalSections)
static void TryGoingThroughPortals (Entity ent)
static int TryPlacingPortal (Projectile theBolt, Vector2 velocity, Vector2 theCrashVelocity)
static void UpdatePortalPoints ()

Static Public Attributes

const int PORTALS_PER_PERSON = 2