tModLoader v2024.04
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
RemoteClient Class Reference

Public Member Functions

bool IsConnected ()
void Reset ()
void ResetSections ()
bool SectionRange (int size, int firstX, int firstY)
void ServerWriteCallBack (object state)
void SpamClear ()
void SpamUpdate ()
void Update ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void CheckSection (int playerIndex, Vector2 position, int fluff=1)

Public Attributes

int Id
bool IsActive
bool IsAnnouncementCompleted
string Name = "Anonymous"
bool PendingTerminationApproved
byte[] ReadBuffer
ISocket Socket
float SpamAddBlock
float SpamAddBlockMax = 100f
float SpamDeleteBlock
float SpamDeleteBlockMax = 500f
float SpamProjectile
float SpamProjectileMax = 100f
float SpamWater
float SpamWaterMax = 50f
int State
int StatusCount
int StatusMax
string StatusText = ""
string StatusText2
bool[,] TileSections = new bool[Main.maxTilesX / 200 + 1, Main.maxTilesY / 150 + 1]
int TimeOutTimer


bool PendingTermination [get]