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Segments.AnimationSegmentWithActions< T > Class Template Referenceabstract

Inherits IAnimationSegment.

Public Member Functions

 AnimationSegmentWithActions (int targetTime)
abstract void Draw (ref GameAnimationSegment info)
AnimationSegmentWithActions< T > Then (IAnimationSegmentAction< T > act)
AnimationSegmentWithActions< T > With (IAnimationSegmentAction< T > act)
void Draw (ref GameAnimationSegment info)

Protected Member Functions

abstract void Bind (IAnimationSegmentAction< T > act)
void ProcessActions (T obj, float localTimeForObject)

Protected Attributes

int _targetTime


float DedicatedTimeNeeded [get]
- Properties inherited from IAnimationSegment
float DedicatedTimeNeeded [get]

Member Function Documentation

◆ Draw()

abstract void Segments.AnimationSegmentWithActions< T >.Draw ( ref GameAnimationSegment  info)
pure virtual

Implements IAnimationSegment.

Property Documentation

◆ DedicatedTimeNeeded

float Segments.AnimationSegmentWithActions< T >.DedicatedTimeNeeded

Implements IAnimationSegment.