tModLoader v2024.03
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
SetFactory Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 SetFactory (int size)
bool[] CreateBoolSet (bool defaultState, params int[] types)
bool[] CreateBoolSet (params int[] types)
T[] CreateCustomSet< T > (T defaultState, params object[] inputs)
float[] CreateFloatSet (float defaultState, params float[] inputs)
int[] CreateIntSet (int defaultState, params int[] inputs)
int[] CreateIntSet (params int[] types)
ushort[] CreateUshortSet (ushort defaultState, params ushort[] inputs)
void Recycle< T > (T[] buffer)

Protected Member Functions

bool[] GetBoolBuffer ()
float[] GetFloatBuffer ()
int[] GetIntBuffer ()
ushort[] GetUshortBuffer ()

Protected Attributes

int _size