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SortingSteps.ByStat Class Referenceabstract

Inherits IBestiarySortStep, IEntrySortStep< BestiaryEntry >, and IComparer< BestiaryEntry >.

Inherited by SortingSteps.ByAttack, SortingSteps.ByCoins, SortingSteps.ByDefense, and SortingSteps.ByHP.

Public Member Functions

int Compare (BestiaryEntry x, BestiaryEntry y)
abstract int Compare (NPCStatsReportInfoElement cardX, NPCStatsReportInfoElement cardY)
abstract string GetDisplayNameKey ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from IEntrySortStep< BestiaryEntry >
string GetDisplayNameKey ()


bool HiddenFromSortOptions [get]
- Properties inherited from IBestiarySortStep
bool HiddenFromSortOptions [get]

Property Documentation

◆ HiddenFromSortOptions

bool SortingSteps.ByStat.HiddenFromSortOptions

Implements IBestiarySortStep.