tModLoader v2024.05
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
SteamedWraps Class Reference


struct  ItemInstallInfo
class  ModDownloadInstance

Static Public Member Functions

static void BeginPlaytimeTracking ()
static EUGCQuery CalculateQuerySort (QueryParameters qParams)
static bool DoesWorkshopItemNeedUpdate (PublishedFileId_t publishId)
static PublishedFileId_t[] FetchItemDependencies (UGCQueryHandle_t handle, uint index, uint numChildren)
static SteamUGCDetails_t FetchItemDetails (UGCQueryHandle_t handle, uint index)
static void FetchMetadata (UGCQueryHandle_t handle, uint index, out NameValueCollection metadata)
static void FetchPlayTimeStats (UGCQueryHandle_t handle, uint index, out ulong hot, out ulong downloads)
static void FetchPreviewImageUrl (UGCQueryHandle_t handle, uint index, out string modIconUrl)
static SteamAPICall_t GenerateAndSubmitModBrowserQuery (uint page, QueryParameters qP, string internalName=null)
static SteamAPICall_t GenerateDirectItemsQuery (string[] modId)
static ItemInstallInfo GetInstallInfo (PublishedFileId_t publishId)
static uint GetWorkshopItemState (PublishedFileId_t publishId)
static bool IsWorkshopItemInstalled (PublishedFileId_t publishId)
static void QueueForceValidateSteamInstall ()
static void ReleaseWorkshopHandle (UGCQueryHandle_t handle)
static void RunCallbacks ()
static void StopPlaytimeTracking ()
static bool TryInitViaGameServer ()
static void UninstallWorkshopItem (PublishedFileId_t publishId, string installPath=null)


static bool FamilyShared = false [get, set]
static bool SteamClient [get, set]